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Cool on the coast

My California feature which contains my trip to the Channel Islands, LA, Ventura and Marina del Ray is up and running on my Beaches page. When it's boiling in my hometown of Atlanta, I always think back to this trip.

Condos. Cutting-edge restaurants. Trendy shopping.

There’s a whole other side to Orlando beside the massive Disney World in nearby Lake Buena Vista. If the ordinary Disney trip doesn’t interest you this year, try an extraordinary visit to Orlando and its neighborhoods. You’ll quickly learn that the area is full of historic districts and ethnic diversity. (more)

Travelers rediscovering the other side of Mexico

Despite social turmoil in the past, Oaxaca City, Mexico is making a comeback. Oaxaca City, the lively capital of the Mexican state that shares its name, was once overlooked by travelers who favored resort towns like Acapulco and Cancun. The city’s year-round mild climate and relatively remote location — it’s nestled among the Sierra Madre del Sur mountains on Mexico’s Pacific coast — are helping to bring this exotic vacation destination into the spotlight. Oaxaca City offers a special blend of history Pronounced “Wa-Ha-Ca,” the grid-like city has a blend of prehistoric, modern and colonial styles. Much of the city’s feel was influenced by the Spaniards, who conquered the city in 1533. Baroque architecture is prominent in Oaxaca City and can be found in its zocalo, or city center. The Iglesia del Santo Domingo, built in 1608, is a perfect example of the baroque style. While you’re there, check out the attached museum. Gold artifacts culled from the nearby Monte Alban archaeological s

Charleston is charming

As I was heading into downtown Charleston, I was greeted by a pounding rainstorm that was occurring under the watchful gaze of the sun. I was to never see this type of liquid sunshine during my week stay here. What did remain was the humidity, but it didn't matter. The charm of this coastal paradise offset the weather's behavior. It has been quite a while since I visited downtown Charleston. My last visit was in early 1994 when I stayed at the Ansonborough Inn on Hassell Street for a two-week assignment covering events at the Citadel. That was not a bad gig. I stayed in a spacious room with all of the amenities. A Harris Teeter grocery store was next door so that I could cook up a feast in my room. When I didn't want to slave over a stove, I had the chance to dine on some of the best seafood in the country at places like Hyman's. I raved about Charleston's epicurean delights for years to come. Little did I realize that Charleston would build upo