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Travel Georgia

From Augusta to Gainesville, the state of Georgia has so much to offer. Awesome Augusta More than just an annual gathering for the Masters Tournament and a "pass-through" to Charleston, Augusta is becoming a vacation destination. Over the past few years, this once-sleepy town on the Savannah River has become a vibrant bed of activity with a revitalized downtown that features the Riverwalk, a spruced-up area of greenspace that features a path that runs alongside the river and a modern amphitheater. Augusta is a hit with music lovers like me. I enjoyed strolling down James Brown Boulevard, which features a statue of the music legend. Just seeing this replica of Brown reminded me of the time I literally bumped into to the Godfather of Soul. I said, "Hi," and he replied with his trademark, "Ha!" behind his dark sunglasses. While I was in awe of anything that had to do with James Brown, my family was impressed with the Augusta Museum of History and Fort Discove

Ignoring Transportation

I wrote an op-ed on the transportation situation in the Atlanta metropolitan area: AJC Gwinnett News Indeed this is a local piece, but it reiterates the point that the metro area can become a tourist destination if it would get its act together on transportation.