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Something's brewing in Athens, Georgia

Throughout my college years, I occasionally wondered what the “other Athens” was like. I wasn’t thinking about the big one in Greece. In those days, traveling overseas was beyond my reach. As a student at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio – Athens, Georgia was the town that was somewhat of a mystery to me.  It was where a new kind of music was being made by the bands that I came to know and love including R.E.M., B-52s, Bar-B-Q Killers, Pylon and many others. When the excellent documentary film Athens, Ga.-Inside/Out was released during my time in college, I became somewhat fascinated by what this town in the northern part of Georgia was cranking out to the world. Not too far out of school, my curiosity was answered when I moved to the Atlanta area the same year the B-52s’ Cosmic Thing hit the charts. One late summer day in 1989, I had to find the Atlanta Highway that the band sang in the CD’s hit single, “Love Shack.” What I found was a college town similar to the one I graduate