Stunted Man - 30 years on

Our little three-minute film productions were increasing as 1980 began. Stunted Man is one of the first of those "productions." I remember being excited about "shooting on location" -- away from our immediate neighborhood. We chose to film this one at a nearby drugstore that had a safe, an integral part of this film's story. Since my dad served as a pharmacist at that location in the late 1970s, I knew it was the place to film Stunted Man.

Stunted Man is a simple story that Dan came up with during our seventh grade winter break: a superhero goes after a thief who raids the drugstore's safe. Of course, Stunted Man comes to the rescue.

About two years before this film was shot, my father was held up in this very Revco store. The thieves ordered him to open up the store's safe -- not the same one shown in this film. I think that element of the story was my suggestion. Dan came up with Stunted Man's outfit,which in this film, is his late '70s jogging outfit. As usual, the pantyhose were supplied by Danny's mom who also drove us to the location in her Olds stationwagon.

Stock footage of a Disney film "filled in the blanks" for Stunted Man.

Also, since this was shot in Northern Ohio in January, where were the massive amounts of snow? Indeed, we see some snow in the film, but I recall it was quite a mild winter -- at least during that month.

Stunted Man was shot on Dan's silent Bell and Howell. It was during this "shoot" when I discovered that Super 8mm Sound cartridges existed. My goal was to get a sound camera. Within two months, I got a Bell and Howell Soundstar camera.

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