Three feet over

Our governor recently signed a bicycle bill which requires drivers to stay three feet away from road cyclists. Indeed the intentions are good, but just how do motorists judge that distance? It’s a tough call to make from the driver’s seat. Do automobile operators have to get out their measuring sticks? Is there an “app” for this requirement?

All kidding aside, I love recreational cycling with an emphasis on recreational. I wish I could write that my bike will replace my car to get to work, the grocery store and doctor’s appointments, but I’m just not comfortable with sharing main roads with a Ford F-150 or worse yet, an 18-wheeler. I don’t mind riding on the side streets, but to be honest, the roads are not big enough for all of us. The busy straight and windy roads in the metro area are not wide enough for the SUVs, pickup trucks and minivans which have been popular in this region for years.

I’m a big fan of bike lanes and paths. If I ever share the road, I prefer less busy times, like say, 3 a.m. Unfortunately, I would have to invest in bike lights and reflectors

Yes, according to state law, riders should not be on the sidewalks, but like most roads in the area, there’s very little room for cyclists in front of certain areas.

My area is making some progress in building bike paths. I’m hoping that there will be more paths in our future.


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