Apple's latest unveiling

There are three things guaranteed in life: Death, taxes and rumors about the legendary computer company, Apple.

With the huge news of Apple's new product roll-out, the 'Net exploded with rumors ranging from a new "smartwatch" to iPhone 6. I'll dub them the proverbial iRumors. In fact, some out there said they already had their hands on the devices well before the official company presentation. I confess that I love these roll-outs. Let's face it: Apple has produced innovative devices that have changed our lives for decades, but in a more intense fashion during the past decade with the release of the iPod, iPhone and iPad. To me, it's fascinating.

Before getting to the "cool stuff," with success comes negativity including consumer complaints about design, charger size changes or upgrades. Thus, one cannot be perfect. There are always glitches when these new devices come to market. What's made things a bit more difficult this year is  the sour Apple news about the hacking of celebrity nude photos from the Apple iCloud. Skeptics have been questioning how secure are these Apple products just as the Cupertino, California-based company wishes to enter the mobile pay market. There is an answer to that question later.

There were a number of expectations going into Tuesday's Apple presentation and it looks as though the company delivered. The new version of iPhone looks to contain an excellent operating system. iPhone 6 also possesses better gaming technology and its battery life is far better than previous versions. It is now water resistant and has a larger yet physically tougher screen.  It's also a handsome-looking device with better cover options. The phone could use some groundbreaking features. I would like to see the iPhone make it easier for me to get apps that help me control more things at home even beyond the door opener and thermostat. I'd like to have a smartstove, smartmicrowave and smartdishwasher interact with my iPhone.

I think that something close to the vision of a true multi-tasking device is about to happen with the Apple Watch, which was unveiled at Tuesday's presentation. This smartwatch uses a crown on the side to handle certain functions while other functions utilize the touch screen technology on its face. The combination in functionality makes a lot of actions possible. Very soon, the Apple Watch will allow you to lock and unlock hotel rooms at participating properties. In addition to replacing the hotel room key, users can control their thermostats with the Apple Watch. I'm impressed with its exercise application that acts as an all-day fitness tracker and a device which accurately records exercise sessions. The Apple Watch is more "stylish" than previous smartwatches with a pleasant face that comes in two sizes and interchangeable watchbands.

So, back to that security snafu. At the conference, the presenters promised a secure, encrypted system with Apple Pay. When using Apple Pay in person, the cashier cannot see your account numbers. You can even suspend your device via the "Find My iPhone" app if the phone is stolen. On that point, they made a compelling case for using their mobile payment system versus using old style credit cards. Only time will tell if Apple consumers will trust this mobile payment system.

With innovation comes competitors who sometimes copy the originator's ideas. Apple is no stranger to this competition. Lately there have been challenges coming from Amazon, Google and even social media giant Facebook. Amazon cut the price of their own smartphone while Google continues to make inroads into the market with the ever-expanding Droid phones including products made by Samsung and HTC. 

So, some of the iRumors turned out to be true. As with any new iPhone release, I typically say that  iCannot AffordIt. That's the way it goes these days so I'll let the folks with more resources test these new gadgets out and maybe down the road, I'll upgrade. 


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