Are you a 'java junkie?'

A recent survey conducted by the firm Pressat found that out of 10,000 professionals, 85 percent said that they drink at least three cups of coffee per day. Researchers in the Pressat survey discovered that nearly 70 percent of the respondents said that their working ability would be affected if they did not get their daily caffeinated dose. I’ll confess to being a part of that 85 percent, but my caveat is that it takes me hours to get through that much coffee. I think the term is called, “nursing the daily brew.” In my case, that caffeine buzz stays somewhat consistent. Compare my consumption to someone who can chug three cups in perhaps an hour and you get different results. Of course individuals have different caffeine tolerance levels including their height and weight. If one consumes quite a bit in a short span of time, the crash is more intense compared to someone like me who nurses the java. Still there is a crash for me basically in the 3 p.m. hour on most days. Instead of more coffee, I’ll power nap for 15 minutes. Any more than that and I’ll wake up disoriented.
The folks who conducted the Pressat survey went on to find that journalists took in the most brew. Well, there’s not much to “discover” there. With the odd hours folks keep in that environment, that particular finding is not surprising. “Caffeine stations” are a fixture in just about any news organization.
Journalists are followed by police officers and teachers in the survey. It goes without saying that police officers need the coffee, but cynics would say that caffeinated teachers are fighting the urge to fall asleep with their own boring lesson plans thus making the coffee essential. The reality is that teachers put in long hours out of the classrooms thus requiring the caffeine. Hmm, just shut those cynics down, right?
Pressat found that plumbers come out ahead of nurses. Again, that depends on how much work the plumber creates or takes on for him/herself either as an employee or business owner. In most cases, whether a nurse is self-employed or works in a hospital setting, the work is in abundance so again, seeing that those medical professionals drink a lot of coffee comes seems like it comes with the territory.
So, do you think that you’re drinking too much coffee? According to research done at the University of South Carolina, your daily java dose should not exceed 200 milligrams of caffeine per day or four regular cups of coffee. For those who use large mugs, you should not drink more than two.
Just like any health news, comes contradiction. On one hand, coffee has all types of great properties and benefits including the delay against Alzheimer’s disease. With the Alzheimer’s claim, you should not exceed three regular cups. On the other hand, copious amounts of coffee may cause anxiety, stroke or bring on heart problems.
The Pressat survey found that men drink about five percent more coffee than women. But, no matter what type of coffee drinker you are, be rest assured that millions of other people out there indulge in the beverage in so many ways. About 35 years ago, a short Saturday Night Live film ”Java Junkie” portrayed a young man who was beyond addicted to the beverage. In recent years, more attention has been put on the fact that caffeine can indeed be abused. Yes, the film is pure satire, but in all seriousness, if you’re anything like that character, then it’s time to cut back on the java.


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