Falling into October

It's that time of year in metro Atlanta when the late days of summer flirt with autumn. One day we're reaching a high in the mid-80s and the next, it's the lower 70s as a high. It's no wonder some of us can be "under the weather" with that type of meteorological roller coaster. Fall is indeed "teasing us" with crisp, dew-soaked, bird-chirping, sunshiny mornings giving way to afternoons that are bit more mild. No matter where the high ends up for the day, me and I'm sure thousands of others appreciate the absence of humidity in the mornings. Finally, I'm not as soaked on those morning runs. I shouldn't complain - before one knows it, we'll be seeing temps that are actually a bit too cool for morning runs. For now, I'll take those morning lows for the runs.

Speaking of those morning runs, there are those days when vehicle exhaust feels like it's filling up my lungs. Sometimes I wonder if I'm simply sensitive to the exhaust or I'm more aware of it and it's all in my mind. If it isn't exhaust I'm sensing, it's the outdoor burning for  which I'm cognizant. Each October, the state Department of Natural Resources lifts the ban on outdoor burning of leaves, limbs and natural vegetation. I'm not sure if the outdoor burning bothers me, but I do enjoy the odor which signals all the great things about autumn that are about to arrive in our lives ranging from making soup and marshmallow-laden hot chocolate to the season's changing colors.

Most upcoming  things about autumn are going to be great.  However, I'm not thrilled with how our houses and buildings have become soiled from the past year's worth of algae/mold build-up and of course, clogged gutters. On top of that, leaves litter the landscape which is not a bad thing, but still we're compelled to quickly collect and dispose of them.  At this time of the year, we must make those mental notes to get the furnace checked, gutters cleaned, windows/doors caulked and/or sealed and structures pressure washed. Wow, now that's a serious "honey-do" list which barely scratches the surface for most folks.

Still, it seems that things are still blooming in the area. As I age, the motto goes, "Allergies are not just for springtime anymore." I'm still on the allergy meds to battle whatever is out there making me sneeze. I'm sure crunching up the leaves doesn't help matters.

As we're counting down the days to Halloween, it's time to simply go out and enjoy the season.


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