When did Halloween traffic become so awful in our area?

When did this whole Halloween traffic-thing begin? I didn't notice this "phenomenon " until I moved to the Atlanta metro area more than a quarter century ago. Through the years, it's become worse as a whole. Certain years have been worse than others, but overall, the experience of attempting to negotiate our surface streets and highways has been more than challenging.

Still, I'm wondering: When did this madness begin? Cami says that adults have been getting in on the Halloween fun more over the years thus, parents are driving their kids to houses and more importantly, Halloween house parties. I agree, but I add that parents have become more than engaged in their children's lives, perhaps a bit too engaged. Maybe that's a bit of a harsh assessment, but many - not all- parents are clogging up the roads racing from work to get back and get involved in Halloween.

OK, parents have every right to get into the Halloween spirit, but maybe for many, it's become too involved. A great example is the fact that many parents or guardians drive their kids practically from house to house while trick or treating. I couldn't make this up, I witnessed such events while escorting my little one many years ago. I stress the words, "many years ago." It was a great time to accompany my daughter on those Halloween nights. I'll always cherish those wonderful memories, but they had their time. By a certain age, she was able to strike it out on her own to collect candy.

I'm taking the "hovering Halloween parent theory" a bit further by saying that if there are so many parents driving their kids to and from trick or treating areas and/or houses, that collectively affects traffic in the entire metro area. Halloween 2014 will probably be a larger traffic fiasco because the "holiday" falls on a Friday. For those who have been here a while, Halloween and Friday is a recipe for, shall we say it, disaster? This Friday will probably not be another Snowmaggedon-type disaster, but it will be irritating.

My oldest sister posted on one of the social networks that her area holds Halloween trick or treating the Sunday before Halloween. I confess that I scoffed at the idea.

"What? Halloween Friday is perfect!"  I caterwauled.

After much thinking, I'm throwing the proverbial egg on my face. Holding Halloween the Sunday before actual Halloween is a brilliant idea! Why? Because it's a weekend when those "hovering parents or guardians" are not racing from work to go home and escort Junior to the treat or treating venues. I'm certain that this idea reduces traffic. Plus Sunday night in October is school night, so Junior needs to get treat or treating over with early, say at least 8 o'clock p.m.?

Don't get me wrong: it's fine to be an uber-involved Halloween parent or guardian. There are no judgments here, it's just that collectively, you all might be clogging up our roads by being out there all at once. I just wish there was a way we could reduce that Halloween traffic.

OK, now that you've been warned about Halloween traffic, go out and enjoy this season's beauty filled with cinnamon sticks, autumn wreaths, gourds and pumpkins.


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