Here comes 'Tech Neck'

Let's face it, we have too much to worry about as we age -- from cholesterol readings to sun overexposure to osteoporosis. Guess what --  here comes "tech neck." Yes, that's right, as we age, most of us need to be aware of this thing that experts call, "tech neck."

"Tech neck" comes courtesy of our ever-growing dependence on digital devices. Apparently, staring at devices like your Smartphone, tablet, e-reader or laptop causes those pesky saggy necklines which make us look far older than our actual present ages. How many times are we looking down at these devices? Those who conducted the studies on our digital use say that many of us look down at least 150 times a day at our devices. The experts say that bending the neck harms its delicate skin and muscles. Combine that digital usage along with sun damage and you have a "tech neck" problem on your hands.

Great, here's another affliction that advances the aging process. In the case of tech neck," life literally flies by in a heartbeat.  One minute it's acne and the next it's "turkey neck." Some doctors are saying that a great number of  "tech neck" patients are in the 18-39 age group.
I say expect an increase in those proverbial "anti-tech neck" oils, creams, ointments and pills to come to market. I'm sure there are some out there, but we're not seeing these products heavily marketed at the moment.  The ads for "anti-tech neck" products will most likely be sandwiched between those obnoxious Arby's spots and trans-vaginal mesh ads.

Remember these products are for those who have had the damage done. Reversing "tech neck" will probably be a zillion dollar business if it is not already. What can be done for "tech neck" prevention? Doctors recommend using plenty of moisturizer on our delicate necks. They also say to stay out of the sun for good measure. Dermatologists say that these preventative measures will hopefully make creases, dropping jowls and sagging skin a rare thing.

For the "wine and cheese set," I'm sure there are plenty of plastic surgeons out there in Beverly Hills already running those "tech neck" specials. You know that all the latest fads happen out in California before they hit the rest of the world. Fortunately, we're in a good market that isn't too far behind Los Angeles. Again, "tech neck specials" could be happening in more places than I realize, but I have yet to see any billboards with doctors claiming that they can reverse the ravages of "tech neck." Indeed there are pricey procedures that use radio waves to treat those sagging necklines, but by and large, the "tech neck marketing scheme" has yet to take hold. If the topical solutions and plastic surgeons aren't cutting it for you, most likely there are or will be a myriad of "tech neck exercises" offered in health clubs and spas. Stay tuned.

Obviously the best "tech neck" prevention method is not to look down at your devices over 150 times a day. Could you take a "Tech Neck Challenge" whereby you limit your digital device usage for about a week, a month or more? I doubt I could take on such a challenge.  If not taking on such a challenge, what do you think is the best method for preventing "tech neck?"


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