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Pedaling to the ballgame?

There has been a lot brewing in the Atlanta baseball world lately. The Atlanta Braves baseball organization decided a while back that they’re packing up and heading to the northern suburbs in the area come spring 2017. Supporters of this move say since that a majority of the baseball club’s tickets have been selling in the northeastern suburbs and exurbs for quite some time, so why not “build it and they will come” closer to those who will attend the games? Opponents include longtime fans who feel betrayed by the move and more importantly, many locals who say that they don’t want their tax dollars allocated to what they think is a “boondoggle.” There are other issues related to the new ballpark. Those who manage the Atlanta Braves could not have chosen a more congested, complicated and overall hideous spot in all of the metro area. The area where the new stadium will be is not only where traffic essentially comes together in all of the state, but pretty much the entire South

It's official: the white-tailed deer is the state mammal

I wish there was a way that I could properly congratulate the family of deer in my neck of the woods. What? Have I gone mad? The short answer is “yes,” but the fact is that deer tend to make landowners and motorists “go mad.” From ending up on our front grills to eating up our landscapes, the deer in the Peach State can get the better of us. Recently, the white-tailed deer have been honored as the official state mammal by the Georgia General Assembly. I wanted to personally bestow the honor upon my neighborhood deer. I just wish they would remain still as I approach them. I confess that there are times I think that they actually will remain still when they see me, but they obviously have some kind of buffer zone or “social space.” With the official recognition, there is a bit of a backstory with how all of this has happened. In the recent legislative session, it was the gray fox that was going to receive the official state mammal honor. Like many other states, a group of kids