Get to know your "Slow Poke Law"

Approximately 269 "Slow Poke Law" violations have been issued in the Peach State by the Georgia State Patrol over a nine month period. If you don't know exactly what the "Slow Poke Law" is, chances are you could have been one of those who were cited. The  "Slow Poke Law" -- with its latest update went which into effect in July 2014 -- says that if you're traveling too slow on a state highway's fast lane - and there are fellow motorists traveling at a higher rate of speed, you need to safely get out of that lane.

Supporters of the "Slow Poke Law" say it exists to reduce road rage incidents and aggressive/dangerous driving situations. In most situations, it's common sense to get over if another motorist is riding your tail. After all, who needs another irate driver out there, right? It's not that the "Slow Poke Law" is necessarily a bad thing. Drivers just need to be aware of their surroundings and let the faster vehicle proceed-whether it's a car, SUV, mini-van, pickup truck, motorcycle or 18-wheeler.

Officers who pulled over folks for the "Slow Poke Law" violation, say they were unaware of this rather new law. I'm wondering if there were any in that group who were knowingly in violation of the "Slow Poke Law," but had a bit of a dispute the law. While it's tough to argue with the 'Slow Poke,' some will have or perhaps have had issues with how she or he received the citation. Checking in by county, Cobb issued 200 citations while Gwinnett comes in at 100.

Aside from 'slow pokers' in the left lane, there's another issue out on the roads: distracted drivers. Distracted driving becomes more prevalent with each passing day. From the vantage point of a pedestrian, it's even easier to see what goes on with many vehicles in motion. With loads of people talking without a hands-free device to dining, it's no wonder that distracted driving has been on the rise.

The act of speeding is superseded by the "Slow Poke Law." Indeed, let law enforcement deal with the speeders, but with the 'lead-foot crowd,' distracted drivers, 'slow poke drivers,' and other motorists driving dangerously, it must be tough to play the role of 'road referee' as law enforcement has to take on these days.

So stay safe out there and get to know your "Slow Poke Law."  


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