It's been a wild and crazy May in the weather world

Perhaps I have half an egg on my face. I knew it would be a risk. My previous post discussed how dry May would become this year in the Peach State. The first half of May 2015 was quite dry until we hit the middle of the month here in the Southeastern United States. The rain deluge hit us hard in the Peach State with rain dumping upon us daily during the back half of May. Thankfully a high winds and/or tornado risk were low, but the lightning has been intense at times. Unfortunately too many trees fell in the Atlanta metro area.

May’s weather in Georgia has been nothing like what has been happening in many parts of Texas. The floods in Houston, Texas are blamed on fatalities and many folks are missing. It’s major tragedy in Southern Texas.

I confess that I was wishing for rain in Georgia because I never want to see a drought like our friends experienced in Texas and currently in California. The 2007 Georgia drought was beyond concerning for us. Still, maybe wishing for rain is not such a great thing, right? Be careful what you wish for could not be more true at this point. What needs to be “wished for” is balance in our weather.
Texas can go from extreme dry to what has happened there this past week. California seems to be in dire straits these days with an exceptional drought that does not look to end any time soon.

Do you think the weather picture has been challenging here in the U.S.? Look at the other side of the globe in India. Temps have been soaring throughout that nation in places like the state of Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand and Titlagarh in Odisha. Readings of 116 degrees Fahrenheit were experienced in places like Daltonganj.

Scores of deaths were blamed on India’s intense heat wave. The poor are always most affected by this type of weather due to lack of access to electricity. Beating the heat has been more than challenging as they look for water and places to sleep-typically outside. Those with electricity are experiencing periods of blackouts.

At the moment back in the U.S., more rain is expected in the Houston area as cleanup and searches continue. We’re getting a brief respite from the rain in North Georgia as May fades, but it looks like things will be a bit wet at the beginning of June. So, will it be a wet June? I will not commit to a forecast or I’ll be eating the other half of that egg. 


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