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Some like it hot, but most of us do not

None of us here on these blogs have any business reminding metro Atlanta residents and visitors alike that it’s hot in this city. Yes, we are “Paging Captain Obvious.” I’ll just skip the descriptions as to how we swelter out there as the sun keeps beaming upon us during these summer months. Speaking of summer, did anyone notice that it actually started a few days ago as I write these lines in late June? As I have written here before at this time of the year, psychologically, we are one month into summer in the Southeastern United States. A school teacher social network friend of mine just finished her school year in mid/late June in the Northeastern U.S. They go back to their new school year the day after Labor Day. Sorry, but that’s a foreign concept to us in the South.  I’ll also repeat here that it’s a welcome relief to get those afternoon showers from daytime heating. I love seeing those temps tumble. I write it again that I’m sure we could all do without the heavy d

Salsa dancing makes me want to go to Cancun

The Salsa dancing class There I was on a hot late spring afternoon at a place known as Planet Ballroom . While somewhat cool indoors here, it felt like mid-to-late summer in most places outdoors. Welcome to Atlanta in early June where summer essentially starts around Memorial Day. I trekked over to this dance instructional studio in Atlanta's Buckhead community where Planet Ballroom is located. I was here on an invite from the kind folks over at the JW Marriott Cancun Hotel and Spa . Several journalists, public relations folks and I came to Planet Ballroom for a quick Salsa dance lesson. This Salsa lesson was a sampler of the lessons that are taught in Cancun. Apparently they love their Salsa dancing down there. I confess that the whole thing got me in the mood. I love these type of "preview events" which get folks like me to visit the property one day. Even if it means me doing some Salsa dancing with some incredibly kind people in my line of work, I'm g

Every day is a special day on our calendar...or 'strange days indeed'

It seems that there is a dedication for every day in the calendar year. Back on Wednesday, June 3, we had National Running Day, a day to celebrate and appreciate a physical activity. A slick Running Day website was set up to honor the special day. I found something quite amusing on the site. Users on the Running Day site also honored National Donut Day which was June 5 this year. As they noted the irony of getting out there on that Wednesday to put in a few extra miles for the running day celebration only to scarf down donuts on that Friday. We deserve these ironies since every day needs to be special. As I put this post together, I was sipping on iced tea to honor National Iced Tea Day. Should the following day be National Ice-T Day to honor the rapper/singer/actor? Hardly! Apparently the following day is known as National Corn on the Cob Day. I’m okay with corn, but not so much on the cob. I’m not a fan of chewing on a cob. Plus I don’t have many great memories of corn on the co

I just love those 'old school' analog watches

I recently read that Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank was robbed of several items from his home while it was undergoing renovations. Some of the items  include his Apple iPads worth about $2,500 each. While those are some fancy iPads, I'm more concerned about the others items the thieves took off with: Mr. Blank's Rolex watches. Those genuine Rolexes were priced between $56,000 to $120,000. Obviously Mr. Blank will be fine because insurance is probably protecting him, but there must be sentimental value with those Rolexes and maybe even the iPads. So why should any of us be concerned about this "heist?" I possess a great deal of empathy. I love vintage watches. Vintage watches are not only sentimental to the owner, but they are jewelry. Thus, when I see a news item like this about someone like Mr. Blank, it "hits home" in some odd way. The whole "Blank Jewelry Heist" reminds me of what I did with a vintage watch. Okay, it's n

I love certain ads and others are beyond annoying to me

File: Kia Motors America I don’t  think about television, web, print or radio ads too much -- until moments like these when I’m putting my thoughts down on the blog. Certain ads fascinate me while others can be quite annoying. Either way, the advertisements’ producers are doing something right because those products are burned into my mind in some fashion. When it comes to automobile ads, somehow actor Matthew McConaughey’s strange pitches for the Lincoln brand intrigues me and I’m sure millions of other viewers. Somehow Mr. McConaughey intrigues me, but I cannot say exactly what compels me to watch those ads.  The combination of McConaughey’s acting along with the direction, editing and music makes this campaign special.  It’s so special in fact, that NBC’s  Saturday Night Live  produced an excellent parody of the ad during its 40th season. Lately I have been in a more light-hearted mood when viewing the Kia Motors TV ads featuring animated hamsters. The animators are geniu