Every day is a special day on our calendar...or 'strange days indeed'

It seems that there is a dedication for every day in the calendar year. Back on Wednesday, June 3, we had National Running Day, a day to celebrate and appreciate a physical activity. A slick Running Day website was set up to honor the special day. I found something quite amusing on the site. Users on the Running Day site also honored National Donut Day which was June 5 this year. As they noted the irony of getting out there on that Wednesday to put in a few extra miles for the running day celebration only to scarf down donuts on that Friday.

We deserve these ironies since every day needs to be special. As I put this post together, I was sipping on iced tea to honor National Iced Tea Day. Should the following day be National Ice-T Day to honor the rapper/singer/actor? Hardly! Apparently the following day is known as National Corn on the Cob Day. I’m okay with corn, but not so much on the cob. I’m not a fan of chewing on a cob. Plus I don’t have many great memories of corn on the cob as I recall too many people eating corn this way complete with kernels and corn juice on their faces. You folks know who you are even to this very day.

I was curious if every single day has a dedication. I headed over to a site known as National Calendar Day. I was taken aback as each day has multiple dedications. Obviously some days have dedications that take top banana, but every day has multiple honors filled with ironies. June 14 is known as National Flag Day which commemorates the adoption of the United States flag in 1777. So June 14 is a day that ought to make Americans proud, but that can be forgotten if too many folks are enjoying their bourbon a bit much. Yes, June 14 is also known as National Bourbon Day.

There are some days that have only one honor like poor June 30 which is National Meteor Watch Day. It is said that on that day, folks from across the country gather to search the skies with hopes that they will be witness to a meteor.

That lonely day can be shared with days like National Chop Suey Day (August 21), National Scrapple Day (November 9) or National Techies Day (October 3). The point is, we have become a world where every single day needs some type of awareness in addition to the major and minor national and worldwide holidays. We have days dedicated to peach cobbler, medical assistants, feral cats, mustard, bald folks, Coke, laziness and so many others, that there isn’t enough space to list those “special” days.

It would send my mind spinning if we thought about all of the days of commemoration outside of the U.S. Trust me when I write that New Zealand has an interesting one if you wish to look that one up in your research.

Is it possible to add more dedicated days? Certainly. No one ever put a limit on these dedications. I have a few suggestions (if they have not already been taken):

National Asphalt Day

National Steve Lawrence Appreciation Day

National Peace through Strength Day

National Mold Awareness Day

As singer/songwriter/legend John Lennon once wrote that these are, “strange days indeed.” This dedication to anything on this planet is pure madness. Yes, strange days indeed. 


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