Salsa dancing makes me want to go to Cancun

The Salsa dancing class

There I was on a hot late spring afternoon at a place known as Planet Ballroom. While somewhat cool indoors here, it felt like mid-to-late summer in most places outdoors. Welcome to Atlanta in early June where summer essentially starts around Memorial Day. I trekked over to this dance instructional studio in Atlanta's Buckhead community where Planet Ballroom is located. I was here on an invite from the kind folks over at the JW Marriott Cancun Hotel and Spa. Several journalists, public relations folks and I came to Planet Ballroom for a quick Salsa dance lesson. This Salsa lesson was a sampler of the lessons that are taught in Cancun. Apparently they love their Salsa dancing down there. I confess that the whole thing got me in the mood.

I love these type of "preview events" which get folks like me to visit the property one day. Even if it means me doing some Salsa dancing with some incredibly kind people in my line of work, I'm game. Being the open-minded, inquisitive people that we are, I think we were all good sports - following along with the gifted instructor who looks like he can Salsa, Tango or Charleston at any given moment or even in his sleep. We basically learned a move or two in the process while working up a sweat for about an hour. Oh thank you air conditioning!

After the dance lesson, we retreated to the nearby trendy 1Kept eatery. Over an exquisite array of 1Kept offerings, we engaged in deep conversation about visiting this amazing property in Cancun. This all-inclusive beachfront resort sounds like it seriously delivers the "getaway goods" to the weary traveler. Flights in and out of Cancun make it easy for folks to hop on a plane and quickly get to this luxurious destination.

So, I'm game. I just need to get a few tickets and some time to check-in and check-out of the everyday life routine. 


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