Dot, dot, dot...or random summer thoughts.

Chad Batka, Entertainment Weekly

All right, here I go again ripping interviewer extraordinaire Larry King off. Many moons ago, Larry wrote these random thoughts columns for USA Today. I loved them, so this type of post is my version... Is it just me or are there too many U.S. flags at half-staff these days? - obviously due to the tragedies in Chattanooga to Louisiana in the past weeks... Hate to remind myself and others here in the Southeast, but we're in a long period of 90-plus-degree hot and humid days. Autumn could not come to these parts soon enough... I'm now onto better thoughts. Cami brought over the latest Entertainment Weekly issue which features one of my favorite performers, Billy Joel. The extended Q & A can be found here. Most of the answers are the usual shtick, but with him, there's always a little new nugget in these interviews. To me, whether you love him, hate him or are lukewarm with him, it's always enlightening to read anything about Billy Joel... I'll now go ahead and plug Comedian Marc Maron's latest podcast with Sir Ian McKellan. The nice thing is that the interview is not so much of a promotional tool for McKellan's latest project Mr. Holmes. Maron confesses his struggles with Shakespeare so Sir Ian does a beautiful performance... I like do these random thoughts instead of multiple Facebook postings. For me, my non-sequitur ramblings are collated in one place.


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