It's a fireworks free-for-all in Georgia this year

Here we are at what some could call “halftime” in our “Southeastern U.S. Summer.” As I write this post, the Fourth of July is upon us, but this year is quite different. In Georgia, the general public has the opportunity to purchase fireworks. Peach State residents no longer have to travel to neighboring states to buy the “full enchilada” of fireworks. Will those out-of-state fireworks stores suffer from the fact that we have the chains unshackled from us? That’s quite doubtful since the South seems to love its fireworks no matter the state.

Now that those chains are unshackled, it’s more likely that fireworks injuries will be on the rise as well as more intense Fourth of July and New Year’s celebrations. As I earlier this year, there’s no doubt that first responders and emergency room personnel would like to have a quiet Fourth of July.

Indeed it’s time for celebrations on those key dates, but hopefully those who partake will use good common sense. Also, let’s hope that all celebrations end before 1 a.m.

I read a post from a social network friend about how combat veterans with PTSD are affected by fireworks celebrations. As we head into more “amped-up” celebrations, here’s hoping that celebrants will be considerate to combat veterans. The website Military with PTSD set up a page so that combat veterans could get a sign for yards that read, “Combat Veteran Lives Here,” with a line under that which reads, “Please Be Courteous with Fireworks.” The site’s address is printed on the sign as well: . While it is too late to get the sign this year for the Fourth of July, it would be a great idea to think about future neighborhood fireworks celebrations.

Combat veterans are not the only ones who could be negatively impacted by fireworks celebrations. Pets are quite sensitive to the loud sounds. Our furry little friends probably and quite unnecessarily scamper to places to get away from the auditory chaos.

As we approach the Fourth of July, there are a number of fully sanctioned displays as well as hot dog eating contests to view sans buying the fireworks. I’d rather leave the pyrotechnics up to the experts. If you do buy fireworks, read the directions. That’s advice I that I tried to follow when I was young and played with firecrackers and even got a hold of a few M-80s. Wow, I cannot believe I played with those things. That thought still scares me. Anyway, stay cool and stay safe.


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