Listen To This: Getting to know Harper Lee

I'm melancholy as another Tour de France comes to a close. For me, the end of that event nears the end of my summer. As I have said here before, in this part of the Southeastern U.S., the kids go back to school at the beginning of August. I think it's a great thing because this might mean that eventually public and perhaps private schools will go to a year-round schedule. It's about time that the U.S. engages in that type of calendar since life and the work world is year-round. The idea of 10-13 weeks off from any normal schedule is atypical in this life unless one is on pregnancy leave (yes, men and women) and recovery from an accident/surgery or any other special life event.
In my latest "Listen To This," I have been getting into this podcast called Wavemaker Conversations with Michael Schulder. Michael always has excellent guests on his podcast. The latest installment, "Re-introducing Harper Lee,"  is a fascinating interview with author Charles Shields. Shields provides a number of revealing facts about the reclusive author. In my opinion, Schulder's intense interviewing style gets deeper and richer with each 'Wavemaker' episode. This podcast is always available on iTunes as well as CBS' podcast platform.

Author and 'Harper Lee maven' Charles Shields


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