Watch This: 'I Am Cait' and 'Ballers'

It was an interesting Sunday night on basic cable this week with the premiere of I Am Cait. For all of the brouhaha over the Bruce-to-Caitlyn Jenner transformation, the new reality program is a tad underwhelming thus far. Maybe it’s me since I’m not into that whole reality TV show thing or perhaps there was too big of a buildup to the show, but it moved a bit slow. The silver lining in it is that Caitlyn wishes to help those who have been struggling with gender identity issues. While many hope that Caitlyn is authentic in this department, the Human Rights Campaignput up a post to coincide with the E! network’s show premiere.

Going up to the premium channels, HBO continues to impress with the convoluted second season of TrueDetective and the fascinating Ballers which is a look at the professional football world. I wonder if Ballers is an exaggeration on life within the NFL business or if it’s spot-on with its depictions. Dwayne Johnson seems to be a natural as a pumped-up former player-turned agent alongside the gifted Rob Corddry. Corddry combines his comedic and acting skills to create a colorful, three dimensional character.

The world also found out on Sunday night that the late singer Whitney Houston’s only daughter passed away in a hospice well north of Atlanta - which is pretty much my stomping grounds. I did not know much about Bobbi Kristina or the fact that she had a townhouse up the road from my neighborhood, but like millions of others have been saying, writing/posting, it’s beyond tragic. I’m still wondering why Bobbi and her mom resided/spent time in the ATL, curious as to what they found attractive here for people on their echelon. Perhaps they were folks like Sir Elton John (a part-time ATL resident for more than 25 years) who simply feel comfortable in the ATL. 


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