Short Takes: Introducing 'Pooductive'

For this week's "Short Takes," we delve into the unbelievable. Here's something that falls into the "I cannot make this up" category. Apparently there's a new app out there called 'Pooductive.' Dubbed as the social network for 'pooping people,' folks can share a bevy of experiences while tending to this bathroom activity. 

Where do you park your mobile phone while on the app?

I'm not sure where the mobile device can be placed while partaking on Pooductive, but perhaps some geniuses out there can create a tripod-like device to help with 'matters.' Yikes, maybe I don't want to swipe your phone for those baby pics after all?

Seriously, is nothing sacred or private any longer? Indeed I know that question was answered "no" many moons ago, but really, we cannot take time out from technology while taking a bio break? 

Bring on the stupid puns

All right folks, release the puns because I'm sure there are many out there who say that this idea is a load of crap (yuck, yuck - yes lame indeed). 

Maybe it's a good thing?

Is there a good side to this? Perhaps if one has serious medical issues to share, this could be good, but shouldn't this type of idea exist between professionals and patients?

Why should "Number One" play 'second banana?' All right, minds out of the gutter!

Since "Number Two" gets its own app, what about "Number One?" Is 'Peeductive' not far behind?

Oh and if you would like to know why this item is on my  "Short Takes," this Mashable post showed up on my Twitter feed. Trust me when I say that I do not troll for disgusting stuff this like one bit - trust me!


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