Thoughts on man-buns, jogger pants and more

Jared Leto from US Magazine

Fall time typically ushers in a number of trends as we are supposedly told to ditch the white after Labor Day. While I'm not sure about ditching white after Labor Day, I'm thinking that the fashion world ought to ditch a few things.

Lately there's been much talk about the man-bun so I suppose that simply "talk" makes it a trend. Actually, I hope that it's not a trend, but methinks it's happening. I say if the man-bun works for you, then that's great. Personally I think the man-bun works for a select few guys out there like eccentric college professors, software professionals, auto techs or any creative professional. For the rest of us guys, I'm not so sure. Unless an actor is taking on a role where a man-bun is part of the performance, then wear the man bun, but in everyday life, the man-bun is just not working - note to actor Jared Leto.  I have to say the fashion world  ought to ditch the man-bun and leave it as personal choice rather than spotlight them as a trend - even if the fashion world is not intending to make man-buns a trend. I know for certain that I will never have enough hair to pull off the man-bun.

After weekend shopping with Cami, I noticed that jogger pants are invading our stores. These are your nice pants with drawstrings and that "scrunchy material" at the bottom that hug your ankles and leave wicked marks. Maybe I'm out of the loop, but I just don't think these pants are for even casual attire much less business. Perhaps jogger pants are part of a trend that is here to stay, but I know for certain that I just cannot partake. Well maybe I could partake if I needed "above grade beachwear." I could see looking fashionable with jogger pants while strolling a beach or beach area in the fall time.

I'm sure that there are millions out there who can easily look great while sporting a man-bun and jogger pants, but these trends are quite jarring to me. What do you think?

When it comes to trends, I say different strokes for different folks just like having certain tastes in music, television and film. Thus, I segue into what's happening on television. I viewed The Leftover'  second season premiere on HBO. Wow. This series goes into incredibly strange territory that would take a novel to explain. What I must say is that The Leftovers has an incredible cast, cinematography, editing and interesting music. I'm wondering if HBO received enough complaints about its rather esoteric opening theme music complete with dated fonts and a strange country song. I browsed the program's Facebook page and most comments were filled with queries as to what is going on with the show's plot and of course, disenchantment with the open.

In addition to The Leftovers, Project Greenlight and Last Week Tonight kept viewers minds off of some of the more disturbing events that have been happening during the past week. It was certainly a tough week in domestic news so these shows are quite special to many and yes, they're trending - well, maybe not as much as the man-bun, but they're trending. 


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