Hooray! Spring expected to return early?

Nowadays it doesn’t take much for folks like me to get excited. Just the other day, I was beyond excited that Publix ran a special on their veggie wraps. That ‘event’ fell on the same day as the Iowa caucuses and the next day was Groundhog Day. I know, note to self: get a life!

Speaking of Groundhog Day, both General Beauregard Lee in Georgia and Punxsutawney Phil in Pennsylvania didn’t see their shadows. Hmm, could it just be coincidence that the sun was hiding and down here, we had fog?

So these rodents supposedly didn’t see any shadows! Whoo-hoo! It is an early spring! If Beauregard and Phil are correct, it’s a great thing on one hand. No more Snowpocalypse Days filled with iced-over trees knocking out power lines leaving us stranded in our homes. No blasting the furnace thus pumping up our natural gas bills. No threat of pipes freezing up. No more jackets, hats and gloves! Of course they both could be wrong, but hey, they didn’t see their shadows which offers us hope that we will be spared from winter’s wrath.

On the other hand, an early spring is not all that it’s cracked up to be. If we all get an early spring that means mowing the lawn, cranking the AC, pollen and allowing our cars to bake in the hot Georgia sun and oh, did I mention pollen? Another note to self: get ready to choke on that dust. What also comes with spring are strong storms and the threat of twisters, but these days twisters can happen at any time of the year.

If spring will leap upon us early in addition to a rather mild winter, which means far more bugs around the house and of course, mosquitoes. Mosquitoes have been back in the news since they are the carriers in the ever-growing spread of the Zika virus.

So, I’m thrilled for spring’s return, but I’m a bit more excited about House of Cards’ return, veggie wraps and the presidential primaries.   


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