Chris Christie, the Andrew Ridgely of politics

Photo from ABC News

To keep things on the lighter side in this 2016 political season, for some reason, this photo tells me that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is now the 'Andrew Ridgely of U.S. politics.' I'll end it right there for obvious reasons. This is just a gut feeling. For many 'not in the know,' Andrew is the other half of the 1980s pop music duo, Wham! His well-known partner in that group, George Michael grabbed the spotlight during their time together and more so in his solo career. Since I made this comparison, is George the Donald J. Trump of the pop music world? I don't think so, but certainly Governor Christie looks strange playing second banana to Mr. Trump. I'm not being disrespectful here at all. It's that we are used to see Chris Christie standing on his own.


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