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Taking a piece of the 'Prince Pie' or 'Connecting with Prince'

Photo by Micahmedia at en.wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, In the aftermath of the tragic news of music icon Prince’s passing, it’s no wonder that just about everyone has come out of the woodwork to express their connection to the legend. Even though millions of us never had the opportunity to personally know the uber-famous/talented musician, many of us try to grab a smidgen of Prince’s spotlight. I suppose it’s all part of ‘processing’ yet another icon who supplied a good deal of the soundtrack of our lives. A cliché indeed, but so true. My 10 th grade English teacher once told us that we students didn’t “have a time.” I countered that “our time” was then, in the 1980s. The 1980s stands as the ‘heyday’ of our generation which would be later labeled Generation X. The Baby Boomers have the 1960s and 70s. The Greatest Generation has the 1940s and 50s. Looking at the younger set, the Millennial generation has 2000s and 2010s. G

Keep Simpsonwood 'Passive'

This is one of my “let’s talk extremely local” posts, but I say that this scenario can take place in any U.S. metro area as we all move forward with the economy and struggle with growing pains. The thing to remember is that there's nothing wrong with growth that will improve the lives of citizens no matter where one lives in America. That concept rings true in Peachtree Corners, Georgia. The problems come in when governments engage in 'dumb growth.' No, I'm not accusing Peachtree Corners of abandoning 'common sense' and engaging in 'dumb growth' although there are plenty over here who would like employ that accusation. I'll leave that up to them. Overall, the Atlanta metro area is no stranger to 'dumb growth.' With years of excellent economic expansion came a lot of development that hurt rather than help its citizens' quality of life. One need not look further than some of the thoroughfares that run through Atlanta. To me, thos

Tax Day is upon us

Tax Day is upon us this week. Whether you’re sitting down at the ole desk or kitchen table writing out a check to the federal and state governments or wishing for a decent refund from them, no one gets out of this thing unscathed. Our time and money are at stake. Time and money are why this tax deadline day creeps up on us because, let’s face it, we put it off in our minds. Time and money just have a way of manipulating us to put off the inevitable. Who wishes to tackle taxes right after New Year’s Day? It’s tough to get motivated right after the champagne wears off to do something like organizing one’s tax folder. For many of us, it’s impossible to completely get the tax returns ready because we’re waiting on forms like the W-2 for weeks on end.  Maybe by Valentine’s Day? Not after the sugar rush of chocolates, right? Maybe sometime in March it is a bit more palatable to file those tax returns. Most likely, tax preparers know when the rush is on. Methinks it’s about rig

Listen to this: Sam Rockwell and Richard Linklater

If you never saw Confessions of a Dangerous Mind or Frost/Nixon , do so now to see the amazing Sam Rockwell in these features. Sure, Sam is an amazing talent who shines in a handful of some great movies. Sam spoke with  Marc Maron  in the latest installment of the   WTF with Marc Maron  podcast. Check it out if you get the chance. There are some great stories in there along with a talk with Director Richard Linklater who is the master of taking audience members down memory lane w/ films including Dazed and Confused , Boyhood and the new one, Everybody Wants Some .