There's some voting to do in Peachtree Corners

Attention: Do you know the Post in which you reside? What? Post? What does that mean? If you live within the limits of an incorporated city, you’re residing in a Post represented by a councilperson. For those living in unincorporated areas, skip this part. Okay, back to the Post discussion. Why am I even writing a blog post on whatever this thing is called a “Post?”

I got to thinking about the subject of what Post I live in after I recently early voted in a special election in the city of Peachtree Corners, Georgia. One of the members of the city council Jay Lowe, resigned to run for an open seat for state representative in Georgia House District 95. Two members of the community, Eric Christ and Stephen Peet quickly jumped in to run for that open city council seat.

All of this recent local political activity brought Peachtree Corners residents to two separate elections on Tuesday, May 24, 2016. The first election is for the council seats. In order to vote for either Stephen Peet or Eric Christ, one must vote at Peachtree Corners’ City Hall. Furthermore, those who wish to vote in that special city election need to be residing in Post 2 only. When I went to vote, I was sure of the Post I live in, but when the poll worker asked me, I was suddenly hit with, “Maybe I’m wrong?” So, before you hit city hall, make sure you’re in the correct Post. To find if one resides in Post 2, one must follow these steps:

2.       Navigate to the “Residents” tab and click.
3.       Hover over “Residents” tab and a menu will display. Choose the “Maps” link and click.
4.       Once there, go under “City Map” and choose “Voting District Map” and click. An extensive map will open up in another browser window. If you hover over the map towards the bottom right, a zooming tool should appear making it easy to zoom into where you wish to find your address. I loaded this map on several PCs and to me, it slowly loads. The zooming tool is not exactly user-friendly to me either.

Once you figured out to see if you’re in the proper Post (in this case, Post 2), head over to City Hall at 147 Technology Parkway, Suite 200 on May 24. If you’re unsure of the location, phone 678-691-1200 for directions. If you have time, you may early vote – which I did. It took minutes. The incredibly friendly staff is there to help from 9a-4p weekdays. As a city resident, I strongly urge participation in this special election. The government that is closest to you is the one that impacts you the most.

If you wish to also vote for state representative, other seats and to answer some ballot questions in the primary election, you must vote at your regular precinct (another location apart from City Hall) on Tuesday, May 24. As of this writing, early voting for that primary election is now taking place. For more information, hit this link:

On the state level, there are a number of candidate choices depending on the area in which you reside in these primary elections. In the Republican primary in House District 95, the race for state representative is between former Councilman Jay Lowe and UPCCA President Scott Hilton. The state senate seat race in District 40 is between incumbent Senator Fran Millar and Paul Maner.  

No matter where you reside, it is important to participate in these primaries. 


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