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Will the use of viral videos affect the future of late night programming?

From The Late Show with James Corden, CBS Television I frequently think about the state of late night television. I need to get a life, but the topic fascinates me. For people millions of folks like myself, we saw the transformation of the late night television landscape from the days of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson , The Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder, Late Night with David Letterman to today’s battles with The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to Late Show with Stephen Colbert, The Late Late Show with James Corden and Jimmy Kimmel Live. So many of my generation and those before it recall Johnny Carson ruling the late night landscape at 11:30 p.m. eastern time with little competition from the other networks. Cami and I frequently discuss that when we are in our late childhood and into adolescence, there wasn’t any late night programming targeted towards us. For a time in our lives, there was 5-6 television channels to choose from and in the early basic cable

The heat is on...a bit too much

From Morguefile Perhaps it’s a misconception, but everything always seems to happen at once. With this year’s election contests piled on with two notable tragic shooting events in Orlando, Florida, this already feels like a tense, long and hot summer. Speaking of hot. Wow. Does the heat have to be this ferocious so early in the season – and it’s not even summer as of this writing! It doesn’t take a climatologist to know that rain is our savior like has been during the past few years. So far, things are a little bit different this year. Rainfall in Georgia is lower than usual. Here in the Peach State, we’re entering drought-like conditions – again. No one ever said that we were guaranteed rain forever, it’s just a roll of the dice in Georgia. I wonder if we depend on the rain too much to fill the few sources in which we drawing from all of these years. I’m certainly no ‘water source maven,’ but aren’t there better ways to improve upon our ‘water cache’ so that in times like the