The world's eyes are on Cleveland this week

Third night: 
Wow, that was a douzy with Senator Cruz last evening. Anyway, check out this link from the folks over at There is some great material on that page. Just like Ted, I'll stop short of making any opinion or endorsing that page, only to say that it is quite interesting.

Colbert Fever!

Watch Stephen Colbert serve up folks at the RNC from a food truck. There's no doubt that Stephen is a jack of all trades. Click here for the video from FOX8.

This was a fun one to work on this week. NJ Gov. Chris Christie says Melania is a true original.

Perhaps Coach Corey ought to be giving an address this week at the RNC?

Second night - also known as 'Make America Work Again':
I was listening to some podcasts and then watched Animal Kingdom on TNT so maybe I missed a lot of the RNC as I switched during the 9p EDT hour during commercial breaks - and then the 10p EDT hour. Wasn't this supposed to be about the economy? To be fair, I'll have to go through the speeches again on re-play. I'm not sure if it's how they're mic'd or appear on camera, but is the crowd kinda overall sleepy like Dr. Carson? I could be wrong, but it's just a 'gut feeling.' I suppose Donald Jr. gave a rousing speech and the other kid did well with an emotional punch, but this all seems low-energy to me. On the first night, Rudy seemed to be working it all way too hard. Again, I could be wrong.

First night - also known as 'Make America Safe Again':
from TVline/RNC

Melania gets 'Rick-rolled'

Obviously by this point, we know that there has been a brouhaha over Mrs. Trump's speech on opening night in Cleveland. That brouhaha is about the lifting of certain passages from then-future-First Lady Michelle Obama's 2008 speech at the Democratic National Convention which took place in Denver, Colorado. Well, you be the judge by visiting this site.   I must confess that the whole thing is quite bizarre and leave it at that. Even without politics in the news cycles, this is a whirlwind year. Since these times are incredibly nervous, it's nice to see Chachi at the convention calming things down because he indeed reminds us of more 'Happy Days (yuk, yuk).

I’m proud to see my old hometown of Cleveland (Ohio-there are a number of cities named Cleveland out there) being in the public eye this year. With the NBA championship ending a long sports drought to this week’s Republican National Convention, the city is getting much-deserved positive attention. No matter where one sits on the political spectrum on Ohio’s North Coast – including locals, convention participants and visitors alike, to reference Vice President Joe Biden’s remark, “This is a big f-ing deal.” So congrats to Cleveland for landing this ‘yuge’ spectacle (couldn’t resist).
Logo: RNC 2016
I noticed a few details about the convention this past week and the one I would like to zero in on is the convention rules’ number 9 which is to not bring in containers of bodily fluids into the convention hall. I don’t know about anyone out there, but when would bottled bodily fluids in Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena ever be necessary? Just asking. Would this ban on bodily fluids ever include pig’s blood to avoid a scene from the film, Carrie? I would feel terrible if any convention participant was a victim to something heinous like that scene.

In addition to rule 9, aerosol cans, drones, ropes, chains, mace, wire, strings, tape, cables, umbrellas with metal tips, sound amplification equipment and much more are banned from Quicken Loans Arena this week. When it comes to sound amplification, I believe those noisemakers were banned after the fights at the GOP Kansas City convention 40 years ago.

From: LA Times


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