There is still some great summertime film and TV fare

Another summer must-see: Netflix's Stranger Things

I confess that I was hooked on the Netflix 'vehicle,' Stranger Things. For some odd reason, I never saw much promotion for it - only a 'Facebook Friend' suggesting the series with the description that the series is a cross between the 'Two Stephens' which is Stephen King and Stephen Spielberg with some George Romero thrown in for good measure. While I enjoyed seeing the early-to-mid-1980s look done so well throughout the eight episodes, I also loved spotting sites in Georgia. In some of the 'later episodes,' I saw Gloucester Road which is probably the one in Chamblee and Bankhead Highway which is a long stretch of road. Obviously Stranger Things was shot in cooler weather which I terribly miss. Indeed, Stranger Things takes place in Indiana, but Georgia unknowingly easily doubles for other states. It's the diversity of the Peach State and of course its economic benefits that attracts so much production in Georgia. 

Let the 'Good Times' Roll

Aside from all the great TV fare going on this summer, presidential candidate has been dishing out some good real time stuff as well. Last night on FOX News' Hannity, The Donald proclaimed that 'The Failing New York Times' "does not write good:"

Never a dull moment with The Donald.
 Great thoughtful film and television fare is still available in the summer while one can certainly still indulge in mindless fare like the programs on Bravo and the E! network. 
Summertime is typically filled with mindless fare in the theaters and on television. For ages, we have been programmed to feel that summer is a time to ‘un-plug’ and indulge in dumbed-down material. In the past few years that mindset has been largely replaced with excellent film, television and my favorite form of entertainment, podcasts.

It’s been a while since I attended a film in the movie theaters. This past weekend, Cami and I went to see something filled with that summer action we always enjoy, but a film with a great cast and storyline. That film is Jason Bourne, the latest in thriller author Robert Ludlum-based Bourne character stories. This new Paul Greengrass vehicle not only contains top-notch acting and action, but the film editing is amazing. Here’s hoping that Christopher Rouse receives the notice that he deserves. By the way, Rouse co-wrote the film with Director Greengrass. 

On television, I’m still raving about Mr. Robot on the USA television network. I wouldn’t want to give away any plot devices here, but again, this basic cable TV series has an unbelievable cast and crew. The cinematography and editing is beyond cutting edge. I’m still left mesmerized as to some of the camera and editing techniques employed throughout Mr. Robot.

The political theater during the past two weeks with the Republican and Democratic conventions has been astounding. Programs like CBS' Late Show with Stephen Colbert and HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher went into overdrive with solid coverage of their own resulting in great episodes. In Maher's case, he produced additional shows during both conventions.

Great thoughtful film and television fare is still available in the summer.


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