Another one bites the dust in Johns Creek


Another business bites the dust in Johns Creek, Georgia. This time out it is 37 Main. This self-described rock café closed its doors due to several noise violations, fines and threats to its liquor license.

This latest business closing episode leaves puzzling. Why was the business allowed to open up near a residential neighborhood in the first place? I’m speculating here, but perhaps no one realized that there would be live and rather loud musical acts coming into the venue? When the venue opened, maybe city leaders thought that there would be food, wine, beer, spirits and acoustic performances only?

Obviously 37 Main was a success drawing in diverse crowds to experience a range of eclectic entertainment along with food and drinks. That’s great for a business employing dozens of people along with helping a city to grow. So what’s the problem? Here’s a business not only helping to expand the tax base, but also bringing in diversity to the city.  

Did comity between city and business have a chance here? Judging from its past behavior, it didn’t look like the city was attempting to be empathetic with the business. Since the 37 Main’s location was problematic, did the business ponder or have a chance to move to a more business-centric location, away from homes? After all, if there are loyal patrons to 37 Main, they will follow. On the other hand, it’s cheaper to either stay put or simply close. 37 Main chose the latter.

Johns Creek seems to be at another tipping point. Does it wish to grow along with its increased population or does it wish to stop progress? I honestly don’t think there’s a choice here because Johns Creek has grown up in the past few years. I don’t think they turn the clock back on progress. Indeed the city has plenty of culture and retail including a symphony, parks, shops, restaurants, car dealers and even hookah lounges. What? An adult bookshop gets run out of town, but this straight clean city has hookah lounges? That seems odd.

Recently, the city put out a “Just Say No” message to public transportation. Anyone who lives or visits in Johns Creek knows that it’s in desperate need of traffic relief. While improved roads, roundabouts and better timed lights are a nice Band-Aid on the problem, public transportation needs to be expanded in the area due to increased population.

Johns Creek cannot be a growing city which will continue to attract thriving venues like 37 Main and exist as a bedroom community. There’s no doubt that the city leaders would say that they can find a fuzzy middle in which to exist, but that’s seems to be impossible. Johns Creek ought to find a way to bring back 37 Main along with other interesting businesses and venues. 


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