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Drought awareness ramped up in the Peach State, but should we be more concerned?

From Morguefile/hotblack On the surface, the weather outside isn't frightening. After all, we're experiencing temps in the mid 80s going into the last October weekend of 2016 and about zero chances of rain. This seems like it will be one of the warmest Halloweens on record. Trick or treat participants might wish to consider swimsuits while on their hunt for candy. That part about the forecast no rain has meteorologists, climatologists, environmentalists and water supply experts concerned. Here we go again with yet another exceptional drought. The is the number one problem that has been blanketing the Atlanta metro area and quite honestly, most of Georgia for many years. I could be completely off-base here, but it seems that there isn't much concern out there about the drought at the moment. I must point out that there were measure put in place by the state Environmental Protection Division - so I'm not saying that anyone has been falling down on the job.

It looks like there are more who are on board with The Donald

As of this writing, we are less than two weeks away from Election Day in the U.S. Pictured here is presidential nominee Donald J. Trump with a whole bunch of new supporters in Florida.

Interview with Dwayne Johnson 2006

Here's a flashback - my interview with Dwayne Johnson who was promoting the 2006 film, Gridiron Gang. Click on the article to enlarge and read:

British man plans to swim the Atlantic!

Can you believe there is someone out there who plans to swim the Atlantic Ocean? Check out this video which was enjoyable to work on with the uber-talented Christian Duchateau:

Matthew left his mark, could have been worse

Clay County Sheriff's Office/Facebook H urricane Matthew passed leaving coastal Florida, Georgia and Carolina streets flooded, trees uprooted and lives turned upside down. As we all know at this point, things could have been much worse. When the hurricane was reaching category four status, local, state and national leaders called for action by ordering evacuations. For the most part, many listened to the orders, but many stayed behind. Certainly I can hardly blame one for staying in his or her own home since there is such an attachment to property, but life is far more precious than possessions. Sure, easy for anyone like myself to write that out, but it's true, one needs to evacuate with a massive storm like that on the radar. While hurricane prediction technology has come a long way over the years, the experts are far from perfect. There is still too much of a margin for error as to where a storm will exactly hit. One need not look further than 2005's Hurricane K

The Donald and 'Bushy' compilation

The October Surprise brouhaha inspired the folks at HBO's "Last Week Tonight" to produce this awesome Donald J. Trump and Billy ('Bushy') Bush compilation:

Autumn has arrived in the Southeast U.S.

Morguefile/MaryRN I believe that fall has finally arrived. To say “it’s about time” would be an understatement. It doesn’t take a weather expert for anyone to proclaim the summer of 2016 to be one of the hottest in the Southeastern United States. In essence, many of us could vouch that we certainly deserve autumn at this point which is early October. While there has been an absence of humidity over the past few weeks in the metro Atlanta region, the heat has been more than “on” well past summer’s expiration date. The lower humidity numbers helped during late September, but still, the sun is strong and well, “heat is heat even if it’s a so-called dry heat.” What transpired in September’s final days and October 2016’s early days has been the chilly mornings. Now, that was a game changer! I would hate to burst the bubble on this good news, but as of this writing, we are still a tad too warm in the afternoons plus we are deeper into yet another drought. As folks wish to wash tho