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Cyber Monday Travel Lodging Hacks

Folks, there are some awesome travel deals to be had on Cyber Monday, November 28, 2016. It's mind-boggling with the many deals out there, but here are a few stand-outs that you must view! From Italy to Florida and back over to Panama, folks, you cannot beat these AMAZING DEALS ON CYBER MONDAY. So get your mobile devices, PCs, MACs or "what have you" and BOOK ON NOVEMBER 28!!!!!!!! Check this out: Hotel:  The Westin Playa Bonita, Panama Offer:  50% off best available rates, starting at  $110/night Valid for Travel:  December 1st 2016 – June 30th 2017 How to Book:  with promo code LBPKG1 Hotel:  Casa Palopo Offer:  35% off nightly rates, starting at $120/night Valid for travel:  May 01 - July 02, 2017  and  August 27 - October 29, 2017 . How to Book:  Visit   Hotel:  St. Kitts Marriott Resort & The Royal Beach Casino Offer:  15% off nightly rates, starting at   $152/night Valid for travel:   Dece

Happy Thanksgiving and drought season

Morguefile/mconnors The crispy crunch of the leaves. The smell of smoke permeates the air. Plants are drooping and trees are thirsty. It happened again: another Georgia drought. This time in autumn 2016 it's obvious that the drought is hitting us later in the year. Is there a silver lining? I can tell you that weeds and grass aren't growing on these more mild days in mid-late November. For a short look back again: in 2007 when he had a serious drought, we were in summer with certain days reaching near triple digit figures. The drought revisited again in 2011 when we reached one of the longest string of 90-degree or above days that summer. Stiff watering restrictions are mandated throughout  the entire Peach State. With very little moisture in sight, restricting water use needs to happen like yesterday . When I write "yesterday," I honestly mean these mandates should have been in place probably before Labor Day. Monday Morning Quarterbacking on the w

They built “The Monster” and they didn’t come

From Morguefile/Pennywise “Build it and they will come” is the famous line and theme of the 1989 film Field of Dreams. In the film, Kevin Costner plays the part of an Iowa farmer who wished to build a baseball park in “No Man’s Land.” That same philosophy applied to the creation of Gwinnett County’s Coolray field. Coolray Field is the “Atlanta” Braves’ minor league ballpark that was built in the less populated part of Gwinnett County almost one decade ago. Similar to the Braves’ Major League park set to open in Cobb County in spring 2017, Coolray Field was a deal that led to its supporters promising that the complex would bring unprecedented prosperity to the area surrounding the structure. Flash forward to today and those promises fell way short. Today, many of Coolray Field’s supporters blame its shortcomings on the recession and/or business risk. A recession and risk are beyond anyone’s control so let’s take those excuses out of the discussion because there are far bigger

A November to remember in 2016

What a way to begin November. During this month's first week, we were still experiencing record highs in the 80s. Those temps are set to end as the bottom will drop out leading us to feel highs in the high 60s/low 70s with more intense dry conditions. It's no secret that the drought has and is going full force. While this drought rages on in Georgia, we are reminded that more burning bans are set in place. As we have been dealing with these balmy temperatures, one would have thought Halloween's trick or treat events would have been huge. These days in my neck of the woods, trick or treating has become quiet. It's been a long time since I recall even a moderate turnout on Halloween. Times have certainly changed. As we eat the leftover candy, every minute sweeps towards Tuesday's Election Day.  The political ads have been plentiful along with the back-and-forth attacks. The good news is that early voting has been a success throughout much of the nation and