Enough of the '2016 was awful' meme

Director/Producer/Writer Mel Brooks plants one on George Michael in 1985.
Michael died at age 53 on 25 December, 2016
Image from the Whamerica page
Carrie Fisher died at age 60 on 27 December, 2016
From Pinterest page

Just like some on this planet, I'm a tad tired about the "2016 was s*it" meme. Enough already! It's a coincidence that a collection of uber-talented famous folks passed away this year with both George Michael and actor Carrie Fisher during the last week of the year. One Facebook Friend observed that with the smattering of media outlets these days, we're going to see more humans become famous. Thus, we will probably always see multiple famous people pass away in any given year. Certainly we had an unprecedented U.S. presidential year and tragedies in Orlando, Paris and Berlin. Those are stories that could happen at any time, anywhere and any year. It almost sounds somewhat childish and paranoid to scream about how terrible a given year has been. Let's not be so superstitious. Do not get me wrong because I feel that so much of my adolescents and early adulthood 'heroes' are all going away and yes, it's depressing, but in the end, what can any of us do about it? We have no control over it and let's face it, no one gets out of here alive. With that said, I'm sharing the late George Michael's cover of Queen's "Somebody to Love" which should continue to exist on YouTube here:

George Michael - cover of Queen's "Somebody To Love (live rehearsal)"

Here are some of my other favorite videos from the artists who departed in 2016:

David Bowie - "Ashes to Ashes (live)"

Prince - "Paisley Park"

Leonard Cohen - "Light As A Breeze (live)"


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