We avoided a snow disaster...this time

A little bit of snow and ice  hit the Atlanta metro area on January 7 and 8, 2017. Photo by Robert J. Nebel

A light version of panic angst set in as the first snowfall of 2017 visited the Southeastern United States - especially the Atlanta metro area. With the previous snowstorm of 2014 in the rear-view mirror, we did not want to see a repeat of that debacle. Yes, we screwed up again after the 1982 disaster. Why? Because we have short enough memories to repeat disasters. Folks hunkered down for good reason.

Indeed our northern counterparts laugh at our measly two to five or so inches of snow, but here we go again: why have a bunch of snow removal equipment that would hardly ever see much use? End of story! As one can tell, I'm so over the whole, "They're Laughing At Us" meme. Ugh! We are by and large untreated. I don't care if we have 1/4" of precipitation. When that 32 degree Fahrenheit mark is reached, it just freezes and it's incredibly stupid to drive on the crap. I don't care where you came from, you cannot safely drive on the ice.

We avoided a snow disaster this time. As of this writing, the winter is young. I fear that since we did not receive that much snow and ice this time around, the public will rest on its laurels the next time a snow is expected to hit the Southeast.

Robert J. Nebel


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