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Trump: I know who you are!

Proud to call @BBCJonSopel my colleague - picture of professionalism when POTUS slams BBC News, insists he answer #travelban question — Julia Macfarlane (@juliamacfarlane) February 16, 2017 Thursday, February 16, 2017's presidential press conference turned out to be quite rowdy. The link on this Tweet from BBC shows President Donald J. Trump getting into a bit of a tussle with a BBC reporter. The exchange got heated when President Trump said, "I know who you are..." That one moment reminded me of the Martin Short/Harry Shearer 1984 short film sketch about men's synchronized swimming from Saturday Night Live. In the sketch, the synchronized swimmers' coach played by Christopher Guest, showed them how to synchronize themselves with their hands with the coach repeatedly saying, "I know you, I know you" at 2:33 in the clip.

Ivanka swoons over Justin

There's been some reporting that the first daughter Ivanka Trump was "swooning" over Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during his first official to the White House. I'm puzzled as to why the swooning is just reserved for Ivanka. Apparently, Justin makes everyone swoon for various reasons. I confess that I'm impressed with the guy's gravitas. Justin just has that "it" factor that probably most of us in the US would like to see transfer over to our president. Indeed we are not holding our breath, including Ivanka. I'm sure there are plenty of guys out there with a man crush on Canada's current prime minister, but I'm not so sure I possess that feeling about Justin. I'm just impressed with Prime Minister Trudeau's style in both his swagger and leadership skills. I was always a fan of Canada since I grew up not terribly far from that nation. In fact, I "obtained" a Canadian ID in 1986 out of my utmost respect for

US Senator Graham would like to probe

FXGallery With the brouhaha over the North Korea nuclear test and General Flynn's resignation, politicos across the spectrum are calling for heads to roll. With North Korea, President Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Abe discussed the issue in a public setting. In that case, Rep. Jason Chaffetz from Utah is calling for a probe and with the General Flynn debacle, US Senator Lindsey Graham is not exactly sure what he would like to probe, but it's widely known that he would like to probe something.

Men's Wearhouse founder says that smoking weed brought him success

Image Men’s Wearhouse founder George Zimmer credits his success with smoking weed through the years. The slogan at Men’s Wearhouse been under Zimmer as, “You’re going to like the way you look. I guarantee it!” It should be, “You’re going to like the way I toke. I guarantee that and you get a free bong with every suit.” Honestly, if Zimmer went by that last line, he might be running the company these days. What a deal, right? Or perhaps Zimmer could become president one day. Imagine, Make America Toke Again. 

Make America Spell Again - Misspelling caught in Trump poster

From Twitter Apparently someone with a sharp eye caught the misspelling in the official Donald J. Trump inauguration poster. Classic. This poster pretty much sums up the sign of our times as of this writing. Perhaps the poster is correct in the world according to the Trump folks. If so, then this is "Alternative Spelling," which maybe will "keep all of us safe from those evildoers."

So long to Mr. Pizza! Pizza!

Little Caesars Owner of the Detroit Red Wings and Tigers and Little Caesars founder Mike Ilitch passed away this week at the age of 87. Little  Caesars is the pizza joint known best for their double pizza pie offers that went by the slogan, "Pizza, Pizza!" For Ilitch's final resting place, he will receive a special gravesite that will be known as "Headstone! Headstone!" Hey, two is better than one - what a deal. Too soon? Well, Ilitch led a successful, productive life. We should all be so lucky. To be honest, Ilitch will need two headstones with his many accomplishments. Senate TV Congratulations to US Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions for his confirmation as US Attorney General. Sessions follows in the footsteps of former US Attorney General John Ashcroft who served under President George W. Bush. Ashcroft served in the US Senate representing the state of Missouri. The difference between these two fellas is that Sessions has to deal with a

Sessions confirmed for US Attorney General position

AP US Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions has been confirmed to be the next US Attorney General. What few people do not realize is that Billy Bush was confirmed to be the next US Ambassador to Romania. Some things just go so far off the radar. Talk about distractions. Nevertheless, Billy acting as ambassador could increase the production of the Sarmale. Dont' know what that is? The Sarmale is a cabbage roll and Lord knows that we have had a shortage ever since 1989. Wouldn't it be nice if we just got along with Romania more often these days? Well, now we will and thank your local deli in the future for having the option of the Sarmale. Popcrush

President upset that Nordstrom dropped Ivanka

AP President Donald J. Trump was a tad upset that the Nordstrom department store dropped daughter Ivanka's clothing line. The reason was not political. The clothing line was dropped due to poor performance. Still, the president was not happy and Tweeted out that Ivanka was unfairly treated. Now judging from Donald's line from Macy's, I'm sure Ivanka's clothing line was not much better. Just check this out: Photograph by Kathy Willens — AP The point is, stores like Macy's don't like the conflict of interest. It was anything personal with then-candidate Trump when that department store drop his line of so-called clothing including those "gorgeous" dress shirts. There was never this much brouhaha when Dollar Tree dropped US Senator Bernie Sanders' line of BernieTies. Senator Sanders understand quite well that there was a conflict of interest.

More sidewalks in my hometown are great, but just that just scratches the surface

Morguefile/kameulaboy Bear with me because this is quite local, but once again this issue can be applied to most places throughout the US. It's so sad the way cities, suburbia and exurbia have been developed since the late 1960s and early 1970s when America focused so much on the use of cars.  It’s always inspiring to see that our local government is aware of pedestrians in the area. Since the city of Peachtree Corners was founded, more than 20,000 feet of sidewalks have been added to at least five streets including Crooked Creek Road and a much-needed one on Jay Bird Alley. While it is excellent progress that some roads have had sidewalks installed, at least 11 more sidewalk projects are coming to Peachtree Corners in the future. Sidewalks on Technology Parkway, Spalding Drive, Winters Chapel and Corners Parkway are just a few of the places where these pedestrian options will expand. What’s even more exciting is an 11-mile multi-use path.  One of my favorite sidewalk

Spend Valentine's Day or just a winter weekend at Barnsley Resort

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