From TV binge-watching to road races, spring was very, very good to me

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Believe it or not, right now, it’s spring. Indeed, we are in the last week of spring, but we are giving way to early summer. Flag Day is upon us this week. For some reason, I always must remind folks about Flag Day and I have no idea how I even remember that day.  I also remember that former Beatle/musician/composer/singer/songwriter Sir Paul McCartney celebrates a birthday this week on June 18. This year is extra special as Sir Paul turns 75. What an inspiration. Paul is still releasing new music and constantly tours including a stop in Gwinnett next month. Speaking of concerts, I had the honor to attend my sixth Billy Joel show. This time, I went backstage to interview one of Billy’s guitarists for this story:

‘Tis the season for outdoor grilling, camps, festivals and of course, television binge viewing. While I don’t recommend binging on streaming television programs, they’re quite riveting and honestly, hard to resist. So far, House of Cards wins for me on the binging factor. Last year, I was questioning how much longer the Netflix series could last, but this season proved that thought wrong. Obviously, I wouldn’t spoil a thing here, but this season’s ‘HOC’ delivers in several ways. Actor Kevin Spacey ups the creep factor with lead character Frank Underwood while TV wife Robin Wright deepens the evil side of Claire Underwood.

Curiously on the heels of House of Cards, Netflix released the latest season of Orange is the New Black. It seems to be common knowledge that this season of ‘OITNB’ is takes place within the prison as a riot is occurring. As of this writing, I’m halfway through viewing the current season and I’m a bit skeptical, if the show will hold my interest. It seems every-time an episode drifts for me, there is something that pulls me back in. Perhaps that’s why Orange is the New Black is successful.

I’m wondering what the strategy was in releasing Orange is the New Black right after House of Cards, but now, I’m giving more of a thumbs-up to ‘HOC.’ While I don’t recommend binging for its uber-couch potato-factor, it’s a great diversion from the drama unfolding in Washington as well as the summer heat.

While some might love the summer heat, I’m certainly not a huge fan. My workouts have remained largely inside, although I miss pounding the pavement outdoors. I will return to that as I take on my third Peachtree Road Race. I recently did a full marathon, but that was back on a cool March morning – which seems like ages ago to me. I did a few outside runs in addition to a 5K in April.

As spring fades to summer, I’m hoping for somewhat more mild days, plenty of sunshine and good times ahead.  


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