Eclipses, podcasts, hurricanes and more

We are feeling the fallout from Hurricane Harvey with rising gas prices. In the Atlanta metro, petrol is no longer cheap. As of this writing, I see at least $3 per gallon in about one week.

August has been a rather productive month. The Eclipse on August 21 was a total treat. I was a tad skeptical about the event at first, but was soon "converted" to "believer status" when the Eclipse took place. Cami convinced me to drive into the Path of Totality in North Georgia, which is about 80 miles from where I reside. When the moon and sun align, a unique darkness descends upon the area affected. It's not exactly like dusk nor is it like a heavy cloudy day. Rather, it's like viewing daylight through a camera lens with the f-stop manually turned down. Speaking of that, I have a few pictures:

I am delighted that I had the chance to appear again on the Peachtree Corners Life podcast where host Rico Figliolini and I discuss video, music, backyard chickens, abominations, personal transport vehicles and much more:

Listen to "Video, Abominations, Chickens & Golfcarts with Bob Nebel" on Spreaker.

Hurricane Harvey hit Texas and Louisiana with more than a vengeance. As I write this, numerous acts of heroism, selflessness and comity are occurring. Let's all hope that this is a turning point in our culture where a common bond and community triumph over negativity and cynicism which has been all too prevalent in the societal landscape for far too long. One can only dream where we find what unites all of us rather than create unnecessary division which only hurts the national and international conversation. Here is what you can do to help out Houston area residents and more. 

With some extra time on our hands, Cami and I headed to the Georgia Guidestones.

The monument is described as a set of  10 guidelines in eight modern languages. I will not use this space to point out the story behind it nor the controversy that comes with the structure. Rather, travel to the site which is chock full of information. Check it out if you just happen to be in Elberton, Georgia - which seems to be in the center of the state's cattle country. 


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