Here's Hoping For Winter's Speedy End

January 17, 2018/Photo by Robert J. Nebel

As of this writing, we are barely halfway through winter 2018. With that stated, the Atlanta metro area and much of the Southeastern US has weathered multiple snow and/or ice events that resulted in school cancellations, lost business days and stir-crazy parents with kids who felt like shut-ins. Certainly today’s electronics can keep kids busy while being “locked up” in the bedrooms, but too much time with electronics is a bad idea.

Unlike those in the Northeastern and Midwestern portions of the United States, our snow/ice events ended thus ushering in winter sunshine days. As we enjoy the current mild period, the looming question remains with us as we soldier on through winter 2018: will there be more snow/ice events?

I’m placing my bets that we are due for at least one more event before we see spring. Forecasters claim that we are entering a dry, less active period of winter, but I find that hard to believe.

It seems to me that we are still in a more active, wetter period that does not look to be ending any time soon. I hope that I’m wrong, but I have a strange feeling about this year. We are coming up on the 25th anniversary of The Storm of the Century – so maybe that’s what is giving me this feeling. As I recall, it was quite mild before we were hit with a record weekend snowfall event.

I confess that I never felt better once all that snow melted after The Storm of the Century in March 1993. It reminded me of when I grew up on Ohio’s North Coast. The sights of snow quickly melting left me with positive thoughts. There was also a crispness and wonderful smell in the air when I knew that winter was finally done.

Some of those fond memories came flooding back to me once snow and ice from the January 17th snowfall event melted away by the 19th

It’s without a doubt that 2018 got off to a rough start, but what year starting out isn’t challenging these days? Aside from the weather, things started out tough with the federal government with its shutdown. The drama makes for great entertainment for political junkies and for those who are bit more aware on the periphery.

The United States has “seen this movie before.” The most previous shutdowns were in October 2013 and in late 1995 through early 1996. Obviously, the folks who feel those shutdowns the most are those who work for the federal government. I recall in late 1995 I was unable to go into a park on the Chattahoochee River. Also obvious is that I do not take positions on these issues, but it’s an interesting debate when these events take place. Here’s hoping that compromise is reached and the federal government will be open for business soon. Indeed, we all know that it’s not business-as-usual in Washington these days, but it would sure be great to see government operate so that everyone is able to thrive.

So even with a rough start to 2018, let’s all think positive thoughts and some unused snow days!


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