From Talking About Trump’s America To City Hall, Everything Goes!

I would like to start this post off with a cheap plug. It was a pleasure to appear for the fourth time on the Peachtree Corners Life podcast. Rico Figliolini’s podcast is a real treat for those in and outside of the city of Peachtree Corners. In our latest discussion, we talk about what will become of the Fiserv property. There’s a rich history over the property that Fiserv operating on in Peachtree Corners for years. The financial services technology company pulled up stakes and moved to nearby Alpharetta.

Even though Peachtree Corners lost some talent with the Fiserv exit, Rico and I point out that there’s a plethora of talent in the area. Rico’s podcast proves that fact with the other guests he has had on the show including Congressional Candidate Steve Reilly. Authors LC Johnson and Alex Walker and plenty of folks who serve on Peachtree Corners City Council and even the city’s mayor.

Aside from tackling the local issues on the podcast, Rico and I spoke about many things that are bit more universal including some talk about how media is operating in the age of President Donald J. Trump. It’s a fascinating conversation which I’m particularly proud of as I write this post.

Speaking of podcast, I make no secret that I consume Comic Marc Maron’s podcast – known as WTF with Marc Maron -- on a regular basis. His most recent episode as of this writing is a conversation with American playwright and actor Tracy Letts. Aside from his many credits, Letts is also a Pulitzer Prize and Tony Awards winner. For me, Letts is best known for his appearance on the season two opener of HBO’s dramedy, Divorce.

I also love Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast! The most recent episode that I listened to is with actress Barbara Barrie. Barrie is best known for her work as Hal Linden’s TV wife on ABC-TV’s Barney Miller. Gottfried loves to have artists who we haven’t thought of in years on his podcast. Barrie appeared in scores of films and on TV. Typically the guests are character actors. Barrie is no exception. The listener always learns something new on Gottfried’s podcast. With the Barrie episode, she quoted her husband who once said, “If you get up in the morning and nothing hurts, you are dead.” I looked up the quote and someone by the name of Herbert Achternbusch said it. It looks like Mr. Achternbusch is an author so perhaps he is the originator of the quote. Regardless, those are great words to live by, so we all must be grateful for all the positives in life. 


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