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Georgia's war on distracted driving

Photo by Robert J Nebel - this photo was taken while on foot so I didn't break any future laws.  There’s been quite a brouhaha over Governor Deal’s signing of House Bill 673. In case you missed it, House 673 is the new distracted driving bill. This piece of legislation is designed to stop Peach State drivers from operating their vehicles while using electronic devices that are not hands-free. So, if you’re driving and talking or texting on your mobile phone while holding it to your ear, you’re in violation of the law. The law takes effect on July 1. What’s also prohibited in House Bill 673 is the driver watching a video or movie on his or her mobile phone while driving. Obviously, passengers are exempt from this video-watching measure, but is the legislation going far enough with drivers when it comes to other activities? What about eating a meatball parmesan sandwich while driving? How about reading the newspaper while driving? Then there is the proverbial driver who e

Contest to solve water runoff problems

What an awesome idea: a contest to see who comes up with the best idea to solve water runoff problems. Great story here:

From stream cleanups to public transportation

0 Even though the pollen count is up and growing by the second as we get deeper into May, I'm outside more than in previous months. What a crazy weather year this has been and we are almost half-way through it all. We were colder than usual in this first half of the year, then suddenly it feels like we went straight to the heat. In addition to outdoor running, I'm typically mowing two lawns every other week. I'm making up for lost outdoor time that happened during the winter. While that one is a long story, I am exposed to more pollen than ever. The good news is that I'm getting some nice outdoor pictures out of the deal. Wildflowers are blooming. Chipmunks are frolicking on top of my patio and burrowing under its edge. The deer are using my backyard as a mattress. Most of all, the felines are visiting more than ever. Deer love are plentiful in PTC North Chipmunks love my yard For those not-in-the-know, the governor signed a bill that will al