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The Guitar Whisperer

Screen grab of Mike Snowden, who appears in this June 2018 CNN video feature Here is my latest video production project. I do hope that you will enjoy this story about a suburban Atlanta resident who handcrafts cigar box guitars. You may view the video here:

Backyard moments make summer 2018 special

As of this writing we are back into another wet weather pattern. The frequency and combination of rain periods followed by intense sunshine makes me feel like I’m in the tropics. Somehow, it’s even worse this year. Some folks love these weather patterns, but I cannot guess who now. Diffused deer from the backyard Scratch that. I recall a clip with punk rock legend Iggy Pop saying that he loves it hot and humid in Miami. Crazy? Yes, but that is one person who I have in mind that loves this insane humidity. Perhaps it’s also the fact that Mr. Pop doesn’t have an ounce of fat on this thin frame. That clip of Mr. Pop is from CNN’s Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown . As we all know, Mr. Bourdain took his own life this past week – which affected scores of fans around the planet including myself. My tribute to Mr. Bourdain But in that clip, Iggy Pop talks about how great all that heat and humidity is with the beach and ocean. We obviously don’t have what Miami has w