Backyard moments make summer 2018 special

As of this writing we are back into another wet weather pattern. The frequency and combination of rain periods followed by intense sunshine makes me feel like I’m in the tropics. Somehow, it’s even worse this year. Some folks love these weather patterns, but I cannot guess who now.

Diffused deer from the backyard
Scratch that.

I recall a clip with punk rock legend Iggy Pop saying that he loves it hot and humid in Miami. Crazy? Yes, but that is one person who I have in mind that loves this insane humidity. Perhaps it’s also the fact that Mr. Pop doesn’t have an ounce of fat on this thin frame.

That clip of Mr. Pop is from CNN’s Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown. As we all know, Mr. Bourdain took his own life this past week – which affected scores of fans around the planet including myself.

My tribute to Mr. Bourdain
But in that clip, Iggy Pop talks about how great all that heat and humidity is with the beach and ocean. We obviously don’t have what Miami has which makes summer 2018 tough.

Certain days feel better than others, but by and large, this rainy period makes all things grow quickly – some good like flowers and some bad like unsightly weeds.

When it’s not raining, fascinating things come to our backyards. In my neck of the woods, deer love to come over for a visit. Usually the deer aren’t doing anything interesting besides eating the weeds. By the way, they don’t eat the weeds fast enough. I need to order in some goats. Sometimes I can get the deer to pose for me. One time a mom and her young one provided me with a shot.

Mom and young family member
The birds are pretty much the standard robins, but I love seeing the cardinals and blue jays. They seem innocent enough, but the blue jays along with crows love to eat the remnants of cat food. I try not to leave too much of food out for our feline visitors, but sometimes they’re not so hungry and leave some for the birds.

The bluest of blue jays in my yard
A chipmunk has burrowed under my cement patio which gives me nightmares that he or she will one day collapse the concrete. I have visions of the chipmunk owning a little family room complete with an entertainment center and tables set up to eat whatever it catches. Cami and I call him Mister Chips. He’s a cute furry little thing who likes to scurry back and forth all over the patio.

Mister Chips
At this moment as I put this post together, the summer is young so I’m hoping for more mild days. 

I’m looking forward to my fourth Peachtree Road Race and the start of my third Triple Peach Series.

Deer lounging in the backyard


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