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The war on distracted driving continues

Morguefile/Alvimann According to a new AAA survey, 75 percent of Georgia participants witnessed some type of distracted driving in the form of texting and/or talking. The Hands-Free Georgia Act took effect on July 1 so now, we are still in the learning curve phase. The bigger question is, will we as Georgians ever get out of the learning curve phase? Only time will tell. What is the answer to this dilemma? Increased patrols? Higher fines when distracted drivers get caught? There’s no doubt that this law is tough for authorities to enforce, so I suppose, we need to rely on overall cultural change. When it comes to texting and driving, I like to loosely quote the band Chicago, “You’re a hard habit to break.” Let’s face the fact that most of society has an addiction of one form or another with their Smartphones which honestly do so much for us these days including talking, texting, Facebooking, Twittering, Snapchatting, banking, exercise tracking, traffic navigating, video v

Remembering Senator John McCain

Getty Images Congratulations. I think we have been forging through one of the most humid and oppressive summers in recent memory here in the Southeast US. From the sounds of it, many other places were experiencing tough weather. We received plenty of rain, but enough heat and humidity which came on the heels of the moisture. The only silver lining during any of summer 2018 is that the twisters have held off and will continue to never come to our doorsteps or anyone’s doorsteps in the future. Indeed, wishful thinking, but we must always keep up with positive thoughts. I’ve been attempting to stay positive in the aftermath of US Senator John S. McCain’s passing this week. Even though I’m melancholy, I take the late senator’s words in his farewell statement to heart. “ I’ve loved my life, all of it. I’ve had experiences, adventures, friendships, enough for 10 satisfying lives, and I am so thankful,” McCain wrote. That type of reflection makes me appreciate the things that matter t

How US intel was able to get some information from the Trump-Putin meeting

Wish to find out what Trump and Putin discussed behind closed doors in Finland back in July? Check out this feature in which I worked on with an ace team of serious journalists: