AT&T making a positive impact

I love stories that have a positive impact on any community. Read all about Cedric Wouldfolk, an AT&T technician whose son is a gunshot victim. Wouldfolk got involved with the community in Chicago to make a difference to prevent future tragedies in a city that has seen far too much gun violence for the past several years. Check out the posting here. 

What a crazy, busy month. I'm confess that I am proud of some of my latest video projects that I have been involved with. Of course, I work with some of the most talented folks on the planet, so they all make the final product superb.

The first project that I would like to spotlight here is a feature that I video edited on a paralysis patient who is able to walk with the assistance of a special stimulation device. It's a fascinating story that is currently residing on the Health page. Indeed Lester Holt's NBC Nightly News did a quite fancy story of their own on the topic, but I am quite happy that I was assigned to be a part of this extraordinary story. Click below to watch:

Another story is one that I quickly got to air about President Trump's first day appearance at the United Nations for this late September 2018 meeting. You may view the video clip here.