Breaking my silence...or, Who Cares?

I rarely go personal on Facebook, YouTube or any social media. For years I've just been uncomfortable to reveal so much in the online world. Even now, I'm a bit cryptic because I fear retaliation. Today, I am somewhat breaking from my own tradition. I'm still not going to go too much into detail here.

This person's defenders will say that it's all just words. Past actions prove these defenders wrong. There's no gray area on this argument. I was just threatened. 

Was this the first time? No. I have texts, emails and audio supporting that this person threatened me before which I will not share here.

The bottom line, this person has a long history of making threats and engaging in violent actions and behavior.

Today, I have had enough and would love to start the conversation because this person's defenders who have been enablers, only make matters worse whenever the subject comes up through written communication. They need to be held to account just as much as the violator, but I know in the end, there's simply no arguing with enablers.

I believe that the person who has bullied me is a threat to herself and others. I would like to state that important part here for the record -- because we have seen this type of stuff play out in society numerous times. I repeat, she is a threat to herself and others. Sorry, but something should change because this person is always free to run around society, wreak havoc by making threats and public scenes and then finally gets briefly stabilized or very briefly committed somewhere and then is free to begin the cycle all over again. It's a Catch-22 in our society.

Again, the defenders find this cycle to be acceptable. They will attempt to deny, deny, deny and deny, but in the end, they are wrong. There is no gray area here. Also my harasser has a long history of dishonesty and manipulation. Of course, her defenders will deny those facts as well. That is all I have here on this post. Maybe I will have more one day.

Am I sensitive? Perhaps and maybe that is something I need to work on, but I will say that I experienced some bullying in my life way long ago in a place I really do not enjoy visiting. People will say that it was long ago and to forgive and forget. For me - and this is me -- I do not forgive and forget. Those so-called humans damaged me -- something that I will always carry. Just like bad car parts, I have bad emotional parts and it's tough. I have a resiliency that carries me through the day and for that, I'm grateful.

I originally had some video and audio posts to prove my more recent harassment. For now, I'm keeping them private again because I'm afraid that the defenders will try to take them down and sweep the proof up under a rug, just like the problems they created, support and perpetuate to this very moment as I write.

I am inspired by the new Paul McCartney song, "Who Cares." It's just lovely and has given me so much energy lately. Thank you Macca.


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