"Nobody does it better" with avocados... than Mexico


For me, it’s “stop the presses” because avocados are in danger. That’s right. We could see a serious avocado shortage if our southern border with Mexico will experience a shutdown. The blockage would prevent avocados from coming into the U.S. from our neighbors to the south. 

Certainly California produces a fair number of avocados, but not all year round like Mexico.
 With Mexican avocados, no one does it better. For that reason, the U.S. imports 80 percent of its total avocado supply from Mexico.

I’m avoiding the political angle. This is personal. Yes, it’s personal because I’m convinced that millions thrive on the avocado. I’m not talking just nuts and berries vegans who are only looking to get their fill of good fats. No, I’m talking about the millions who love a good guac dip at parties celebrating sports. That is a great swath of America, who might not realize who this southern border blockade will affect their get-togethers.

Whether it’s the coasts or the middle of the country, there are scores of well-meaning people who need to know that this part of the border dilemma will affect them. Still, everyone needs to remain optimistic. With a Mexican shutdown, there will be a dramatic reduction in the avocado supply, but will it be a complete absence of the produce? About 10 percent of avocados come from Peru, Chile and the Dominican Republic. But right now, this is the worst time of year since Mexico supplies almost all the avocados. It will take time for California to get up to speed on its production.

Possibly it could be goodbye to the avocado toast, but you could stock up now because it takes a bit for those hard avocados to soften. I always recall changing up some of the lyrics to that old Eagles song, “Desperado:”

“Avocado, why don’t you soften for me?

You taste so darn good

In my guacamole”

Okay, that’s cheesy, but you get the idea.


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