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We are number 28 and I feel fine

We Are Number 28 On The Boomtown List And I Feel Fine
According to the tech website SmartAsset, Atlanta failed to make even the top 25 list of American city boomtowns. Although it currently ranks at number 28, Atlanta is not nearly as booming as 27 other cities on the list.

What are the criteria used for such a list?

Those who are involved in this ranking say that many factors are used to determine the who is booming the most. Factors including unemployment rate, population change, household income change, business and housing growth.

Who made the top 10 in this list?

The three towns in Texas piqued my interest when viewing the list. Round Rock is near Austin, which must mean that it's "cool" due to the Texas music scene. New Braunfels is a place in which I am somewhat familiar. One of my closest friends who I met here in the Atlanta metro many years ago, hailed from New Braunfels. I'm a bit biased towards that city after listening to him rave about his life in the city. New Braunfels is near San Antonio, which I once visited and enjoyed quite a bit. Denton, Texas is outside of Dallas. Like Round Rock, Denton seems to have a "cool" spirit in its own way with unique architecture. I have just one issue with all of these "boomtowns." They're in Texas, which always tells me that the heat and humidity rival ours here in the Atlanta metro area. I'm sure the music and culinary scenes are great in these cities, which might to some, beat the heat and humidity.

Another state that comes close to Texas' heat and humidity is South Carolina. The Palmetto state has three of its own cities on the boomtown list. All three cities are in the same general area. Charleston, North Charleston and Mount Pleasant all are considered big-time boomtowns. In this part of South Carolina, you're near the water, beaches and some of this country's finest culinary scene. Hands-down, Charleston offers a smattering of top-rated eateries as well as a unique downtown. I could totally understand why folks are moving to these cities.

I've had few encounters with Colorado, save for a layover or two in Denver, but the Centennial State boasts its own three boomtowns. Denver, Longmont and Greeley all made the top 25 in the boomtown list. Longmont seems like a pristine community north of Boulder while Greeley is 50 miles north of Denver. There is no doubt that these are beautiful places to live, work and play. To me, Colorado spells a lot of snow, which was never attractive to me, but I'm sure there are millions who simply love it for the beauty and most of all, skiing.

While Miami made the top 10 in the boomtown list, I'm happy that we in the metro Atlanta region are not growing as fast as those cities. With millions more flocking to this area as unprecedented construction is occurring at a feverish pace, I wouldn't want to see the Atlanta metro region grow so fast, we forgot about the basics like traffic, infrastructure and water usage. We already have those challenges in place which makes me and maybe more others, fear for the future. So, when it comes to boomtowns, we are proudly number 28 and I am happy with that ranking.


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