Sign of the times in spring 2020

As of this writing, the great outdoors is a ghost town in certain respects. As I run, jog or walk in the neighborhood, I see fellow residents on the sidewalks and/or paths. They're a bit more active these days and for good reason. We need to get outside of our four walls to forget about the pandemic for a while. 

Thus far, we all follow the CDC protocols and distance ourselves. I have yet to encounter anyone violating the guidelines. Although, I do witness neighborhood cyclists crowding a bit much. Perhaps being on the bikes gives cycling groups a sense of security -- albeit that is quite false in reality. I also observed some construction workers crowding up a bit. As I make my way on the neighborhood paths, I try not to take it all as an insult as we all step out of each other's way, but that is quite difficult whether one is insecure or not insecure. 

I'm confident that anyone reading this in late March 2020 will agree that social distancing is plain weird. How can it not be weird since we have never done anything like this as a society in our lifetimes? Even those of us who do not go out very much are for the most part adjusting to this current "new normal." 

COVID-19-related stories, thoughts, ideas and advice are tough to escape at the moment. There is never-ending barrage of information on exercise apps, meditation advice and of course, things to watch on the streaming devices and listen to on podcast platforms. Your truly is guilty of partaking in all of those activities. Let's face it: we all need to escape from the madness. Even as most of us dive into exercise, reading and/or "Netflix-and-chilling," that all ends at some point and then it's back to non-stop COVID-talk. By the way, I have been recommending the Netflix docu-series, Tiger King as well as season three of Ozark. Last summer, Cami went to see David Crosby: Remember My Name. The documentary featuring singer-songwriter David Crosby, was released on Starz, which has been in preview mode for me this week. Cami urged me to view the doc and I was completely blown away. It is the most honest documentary that I have seen in ages, perhaps ever. 

Aside from being at home-base a bit too much, my bigger pet peeve in this COVID day and age is the amazing amount of Monday Morning Quarterbacking. I’ll leave that thought right there and let it stew. Some folks say that COVID will put an end to the cultural divisiveness and usher in a sense of global comity. I certainly hope that will be the case, rather than seeing this crisis solved and nothing learned from this horrific chapter in humanity.


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