When did our roads become the new Autobahn?


Some beaches are open as well as other outdoor spots throughout the Peach State. It’s all OK, say many authorities, that is if everyone is social distancing. It all sounds like common sense in this day and age of COVID-19, but there is proof that the order is constantly being violated. Whistleblowers throughout the social media landscape are posting proof of the violations. 
Is the nation and world for that matter, doing its collective best to slow down the spread of the dreaded novel Coronavirus? That’s a tough question which receives myriad responses. It’s all enough to make one’s head explode, get off the grid and seek refuge in a north Georgia cabin with a friendly bear. 
While most of us wouldn’t do well seeking refuge in a north Georgia cabin with a bear (even a nice one like the SCANA bear), we can do our best to follow all of those CDC guidelines that are easily accessible by visiting their website at: http://cdc.gov

Indeed so much misinformation and paranoia is out there that this modern-day scourge is exposing the many pitfalls of instantaneous electronic communication. The conspiracies spread far quicker than the virus itself. There are those who question legitimate sources of information which, at the end of the day, only harms oneself. Furthermore, that type of paranoia, I believe, induces a lot of unneeded stress.
Let’s all hope for a better tomorrow as we hope to “flatten the curve” of this easily spread virus. While we’re flattening the curve, I recommend enjoying the great outdoors. Whatever activity one seeks outside, even there, keep six feet apart from fellow human beings.
While outside, whether I’m running, jogging, walking or cycling​, I witness a lot of erratic automobile driving. Perhaps that has been happening due to the fact that traffic has been greatly reduced and in some instances, non-existent in places. Some must feel the need for speed due to the barren thoroughfare landscape. Possibly some might feel that there are fewer members of local police departments patrolling the roads, so why not drive completely out-of-control? Frankly, I’m surprised I haven’t heard about more one-car accidents occurring more than multi-car accidents. The big question: what made our roads the new Autobahn?
There are silver linings to most horrific events. With COVID at this time of the year, we are receiving nice weather on most days. For me, take those moments and cherish them. That’s a wonderful anxiety-reducer right there along with doing one’s favorite activity outdoors and/or indoors. 
Still, it should not be the Wild West when it comes to the roads. Law and Order isn’t just a TV program, real Law and Order ​ is hopefully going to remain in place throughout the duration of this deadly virus and well, forever! One thing is for certain as we continue to shelter-in-place: do not let common sense leave the building and/or roadways. 
Others are saying these days, where is the good news?  I came across one item a few days back and that is, Girl Scout Troop #17905 donated cookies to Gwinnett County Police. Kudos to that troop!
As it is said over and over: stay safe out there folks. 


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