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What's on your playlist?

Melodi2/Morguefile With everything going on these days, what is your escape? I feel like using that phrase from the Capital One TV ads, “What’s in your wallet?” Hmm, maybe I ought to pose the question, “What’s on your playlist?” For me, I have been diving into the Rolling Stones’ 1978 classic titled, Some Girls . That one has always been great for me on my neighborhood runs. Of course I always suggest anything from The Beatles catalog to get things going. Some folks say, yes to The Beatles for a running playlist, but a big no to post-Beatles-Beatles. I wholeheartedly disagree of course. Anything from the Wings or Paul McCartney solo years is good with me. Just crank up 1979’s “Old Siam, Sir” and I’m off to the races. There are some tunes that I have been rediscovering of late. Tears for Fears’ greatest hits collections has been making its way back onto my playlists. Indeed we know about “Shout” and “Everybody Wants To Rule The World,” but there are a ton of singles that did

Meet Willie Jo

Meet my neighbor Willie Jo Camp Willie Jo always takes center stage when he arrives for a meal. Willie knows it. In this recent montage, Willie shows that he means business when he's hungry. Anyone who encounter Willie knows that he is territorial. In this video Shiney (the black cat) makes a quick appearance. Shiney is perfect in the age of COVID. He refuses to come into contact with anyone. Summer seems to be tough on Willie. The heat makes him a bit cranky, just like the rest of us. 

What Are You Doing In The Age Of COVID?

On days that I work from home, I always have the need to get out into the Great Outdoors As the Peach State reopens, I’m starting to witness the traffic building. I’m not thrilled by this fact on one hand. On the other, common sense says that traffic is an unfortunate reality when the economy is humming along just fine. I’m hoping as we emerge from early 2020’s quarantine phase to living with what so many label, “the new normal,” that many businesses will continue to have a great deal of their employees work from home. As the economy comes up to full speed, perhaps Atlanta metro traffic will not come up to full speed -- not because many are not working, but many are working from home.  As is well known, many jobs that cannot be performed remotely. From service/hospitality/utility workers to healthcare employees/first responders, we know these people as society’s heroes -- and rightfully so. They keep the lights on, the Internet buzzing to making sure that we are all safe as bes